Weird Names You Call Your Pets

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  1. I have no shortage of weird names for our pug.
    Usually call him fatty mcgee or spoiled ass

  2. Maggie Black Dog/Black Dog, Old Grandma Dog, Blackie, Old Lady.

    Shit like that.
  3. harper is her real name but i call her harpoop, harpi, pupper, or pup-pup :p
  4. I got two pooches Scooby and kajtek (pronounced kitek) so scoob gets the obvious Scooby doob, ruby-doob, ruby-rube, scoooob (higher pitch as you say it) scoobs, shcooby..

    Kajtek gets kai-thai, kai-tusz, kai, big Boi, and I'm sure there's more haha....i love how we all do it.
  5. My friend has a cat named Marshmallow. //
  6. Seem to always put "ical" onto the end of whatever the pet is called.

    So my sisters cat is Misty: Mistical.
    Mates dog is Barney: Barnical.
    Mums dog is Lizzie: Lizical.
  7. my 1 y/o cat's name is 메롱 which is a kind of taunt in Korean. the best way to translate it to English would be "Dummy" and he lives up to that name lol
  8. I've always pretty much stuck to their actual name but a few past nick-names that come to mind.....

    Disabled tubster
    Bitch (His name was Butch) - It was all in good fun. haha. At least for us calling him it. We always did it light-heartedly.
  9. I call my rabbit poops... Because that's what they do 80 percent of the time so why not make it cute in a weird way.
  10. I call my dog "pretty bitch" a lot
  11. often call my cat stinky kitty
  12. I call my dog Moosh or Mooshie

    It means mouse in Persian

    I know it makes no sense hahaha.

    My family is so obsessed with dubbed Turkish soap operas they named him Kozai after the main actor from a Turkish soap opera.

  13. My cat is sometimes know as Crookshanks
  14. Cat's name is Chooey... a male. He is called Mister Fuffermuffins.
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    Ive been known to call my 2 cats Jesse and Leonard some pretty weird things just to name afew..
    Leonard : dingleberry, fuzznuts, space cadet, Leo and mama's boy
    Jesse : Jessica, Jesspuss ,princess, fluffball and Jessica jingles the neighbourhood porn star
  16. The one dog that I can actually say is my bestest friend is Buttercup. He's a fucking HUGE Golden Lab. He's a lazy ass bottom that considers sleep, farting and pooping his greatest ambitions. I have one nickname for him Łééchąą'í which fits him perfectly. It's the Navajo word for dog. It literally means, "shits on ground". Which is all he does. He's a shit factory.
  17. meathead, sparkle monkey, princess, batears, airplane ears... etc

  18. My cats...Mali, Quentin Butler, Norma Cenva, Leto Atredies

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