Weird Music Idea

Discussion in 'General' started by EuropeanVW, May 9, 2004.

  1. Anyone ever play the same song on two different music playing things (i.e., play a song in windows media player, and in Winamp), but play them a second or two apart.

    I was doing this when I was really high, and it produces a weird little echo to it, hah. Bugs ya out. Especaily when you're listening to some weirder stuff.
  2. i do that on accident sometimes and it annoys me
  3. that sounds cool when you get some darude playing
  4. hahaha, i just did it with phish - dirt, when he is whistling its fucking cool if its one second faster lol :D
  5. Man i bet that would work great with Bouncin' Round the Room. (especially the sikadisk version):cool:
  6. that would totally work. You also have an awesome username.
  7. try it with 3 players playing stairway to heaven. theres some pretty cool parts there.
  8. I've once done that with abuout 8 different media players... and eight different songs:p.

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