Weird month in my neighborhood.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by blackzinger, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. So I live in the typical subdivision. We all know who each other are.. But nothing past formalities really. And because the kids all play together. Well a few weeks ago one neighbor was found dead hanging in his garage. And then two days ago a neighbor kid shot and killed himself, one house over. Everytime I look over there I see him in my head. It's just horrible.

    The past few days have just been very awkward. No kids outside playing. Very odd calm about. No neighbors outside besides coming and goings. Idk. Just needed to vent I guess.
  2. Well it seems like you neighbourhood is full of some heavily depressed people.. Perhaps try to lighten the mood somehow? Maybe an artistic take on graffiti might help :p Idk ... Just some ideas.. Get everyone high?
  3. Someone else will bite it soon mayne, one more to complete the trifecta. I suggest watching your back for demons and negative energy, maintain a PMA (positive mental attitude) in order to combat the fuckery that occurs in your dwelling. Be well, blade.
  4. Well actually before I moved here there was a murder suicide down the street. So we're past trifecta at this point.. I actually used to smoke with the kid who died this week. Apparently he was just playing around and it fired.. took half his head off.
  5. Theres definitely a clever serial killer living in your neighborhood.

    Buy a marble notebook, and a pair of binoculars and dedicate one page per person in your neighborhood.

    Take daily notes.
  6. :smoke:I'd leave the city for a couple weeks bro. In fact, leave the country. We all know it was you. :smoke:
  7. Yea haha. I'm dexter. Lmao. But seriously. I wish it was a happier environment round here. I cant even motivate myself to work on my cars or anything outside
  8. Ya, I can see how that would be depressing. I wasn't really joking about the leaving town. Look for a new place with happier vibes.
  9. I just moved here 6 months ago. Can't leave yet
  10. This sounds like the beginning of a fucking horror movie.
  11. [quote name='"blackzinger"']I just moved here 6 months ago. Can't leave yet[/quote]

    Fuck man... You might just be the harbinger of death. Yolo.
  12. Sorry to hear about this, thats really messed up. Hope the environment changed around there, makes me sad to hear its got you down to the point you dont have motivation to work on cars..
  13. You know what they say dude. Satan's hand begins the end....

    I like your avy though, Cherokees are awesome.
  14. Gotta get more pics of your xj, that things a ba ba ba beast
  15. Holy crap man this is like disturbia you got to watch your ass. Watch that movie and take some notes. As a poster above said you will need some binoculars and take some notes on the surroundings...if any thing sketchy happens and somebody sneaking around or even somebody looking at cars as they pass by (he could be in your neighborhood and look for potential murder targets).

    Edit: sorry in advance if that came off rude but seriously it could happen
  16. I forget the exact name of this vut it sounds like a cluster suicide situation often when one person commits suicide others around them do as well especially if they're close.
  17. Shablagoo. I've heard of that theory. But I don't think his was suicide. From the people that were there it sounded accidental.

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