Weird looking flower: comments, please

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by tinhorn92591, Feb 23, 2023.

  1. Hi all,

    I believe this is my first post. I was hoping to gain some feedback from others who might know what’s going on with one of my plants.

    The details:

    10gal fabric pot
    FFHF, bulked up with steer manure, top dressed periodically with earth worm castings
    Manure/guano tea, fed with molasses, every couple of waterings
    Growing outside in SoCal
    This is week 6 or 7 of bloom, with several of those weeks being in absolutely crappy weather (for us, anyway)
    Romulan Kush, from seed: started inside and vegged until is was about a foot tall, then outside to bloom

    It smells great, super sticky, no signs of pollen sacks or bananas. But, not a stigma in sight. I’ve never seen something like this before.

    Does anybody have any experience with something like this?


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  2. Heat or too much light
    Leafs fold up like envelope and the tips curl up.
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  3. I always recommend mixing in 30% perlite to any FFOF grow add even more
    should you intend to feed nutes later

    like steer poo very high in (N), a good cause of twisty leaves, with the weather and (N)
    if in the ground leave a hose tricking to wash the roots for 2? hours
    in a pot an air temp flush at days end may dislodge some

    good luck
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  4. ‘Preciate the comments guys. It’s giving me directions to go gain some more knowledge in.

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  5. looks maybe overfed or too much light but if they are in the sun check your ppms
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  6. Your plant might have other problems going on, if I had to guess the main thing causing your plants to be pure leaf is bad genetics.
  7. I'm guessing it's a lighting issue. Were you moving it inside when the weather was especially bad? I once had a grow fail when my HID light ballast broke a couple of weeks after the flip and I couldn't get a replacement for a few days. Even after getting back to a normal lighting schedule most of the plants still didn't make real buds with flowers, just a bunch of sugar leaves that sort of resembled buds, kind of like what you have there. Out of maybe ten plants, only a couple actually made real buds and they weren't all that great.
  8. Might just be some terrible genetics.

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