Weird light green patch on leaf

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  1. Week 2 of an indoor grow and I saw these light patches on the leaves. I tried doing some research on it but couldn't find anything that I could draw a 100% conclusion from. Decided to look for help from the community before it's too late. Please help a new grasscity member!

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  2. Aliens. No but seriously it seems like a lighting issue to me. I don't have the specs you need off the top of my head, what kind are you using?
  3. I'll admit I have gotten water on the plant while the light was on. So from what I'm understanding the droplet(s) create a sort of magnifying class effect and burn the leaf?
  4. I'm using two 23w CFLs (2700k) and I'm on a budget so I can go crazy with hundreds of dollars towards lighting, but if you have suggestions or better alternatives I'd be open to them!
  5. Not plain water from my understanding. Water with nutrients added to it possibly could though.

    What soil are you using and what is your lighting setup? As well as temps and humidity.
  6. Yes that's probably the jist of it. Happy growing.

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  7. Watering with: Regular tap water pH tested to 6.6-7.0 range
    Soil: Hyponex
    Lighting: 2 23w CFLs 2700k
    Temp: 75 (bounces from 72-77 sometimes but mainly 75)
    Humidity: 60
  8. I wouldnt worry about the light lime color, if you don't want to add more light. You're gonna have less yield with less light. sunlight is always better. But do worry about the aliens.
  9. Do you have any suggestions for light upgrades in the $100 or less range? Open to ideas!
  10. 5500k photography clfs. Perhaps if you search you can find some deals. They're 45w. more watts more yield. And better light gives you a darker green healthy color.
  11. If this is your only plant, marshydro 300w. 65 USD on Amazon.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
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  12. The mars hydro is a great budget light I use it personally. Mars 300W LED Grow Light Hydro Full Spectrum Veg Flower Indoor Plant Lamp Panel | eBay...
    135W QB LED Kit is also a good light. It's out of stock currently but it's more updated tech compared to blurples. Either light will work great while you get everything dialed in definitely better than CFL... also I'd recommend googling fox farms store locator and looking up any local nurseries that carry the brand... I recommend fox farms happy frog or ocean forest both are good soils and will work a lot better than what you have... is also recommend mixing it with some perlite.

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  13. Yea I would go with a mars 300/ viperspectra 300 for a cheap and good light although cfls will work for veg just fine. But if you stick with cfl's change your bulb kelvins closer to the 6300k range for veg. I used a 125 watt(6300) and 2 40 watt(2700) on my girl and she's a beast. I have her under a mars 300 for flower though. Those marks almost look like aphid trails but I doubt that's what it is. I would say no nutrients and let it grow..

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