Weird ... I've got 1 plant stretching

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  1. The weirdest thing is happening.

    I've got 4 plants all together (within a 10' diameter) so they all get the same light. The 3 plans in the smaller pots (20 gal) are same strain but the plants look full. The one plant (different strain - XXX 420) in the larger 100 gal pot is looking super lanky with tons of space between the branches.

    I was hoping for a low and wide plant but this little gal is shooting for the stars.

    Could it be the strain?

    Any suggestions for making sure this doesn't turn into a redwood?

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  2. It is def a strain thing if they are in the same environment as well as being fed the same.
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  3. If you want to help with more lateral branching then I suggest trying to feed a kelp product that contains the specific species Ascophyllum Nodosum as it will help with both rooting and lateral growth because of the natural cytokinins it contains.
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  4. Just ordered some Fox Farms Kelm Me Kelp You ... Thx for the heads up. Once I get it I'll mix with soil and also try a nightime Foliar feeding
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  5. I grew a crop of......shit, fucking memory, they had Bay in the name and was popular for about 5 minutes, produced by the same company that produced Grandaddy Purple I think, anyway half the crop was short and squat and the others were tall and lanky.
  6. How did they turn out? Was the output different between the plants?
  7. I'm sure there was, there's always differences but I couldn't tell you if one produced more or more potent buds because I mix them together during harvest.
  8. Bay Platinum Cookies.

    Correct? Never had it but smoked a cross of it before
  9. That doesn't sound right. There may have been a number, like Bay 18 or something like that but I'm not sure. I wish I could remember because when I can't remember it bugs me. It really doesn't matter though. It was maybe 6 years ago, give or take a couple of years.
  10. All good brother. Just looked it up I think it’s the parents to that Bay Platinum Cookies.
    Bay 11 and Platinum Cookies, haha.
  11. Bay 11, yep, that's it.
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  12. Nice one. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some seeds from GDP for a while.
    But some are hard to find and they’re usually super taxed.
  13. I think I remember the deal with Bay 11 now. It was almost a pure Sativa and apparently some of the seeds got a larger share of the Indica genes which made them shorter while other seeds took more after the Sativa heritage. It wasn't just my crop that had tall and short plants, I think it was everyone's crop of Bay 11. That may have been why it wasn't available for long. It may have been a cup winner somewhere.

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