Weird, It feels good to be back in school

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mystmoore, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. I've been unemployed for a year from an injury so you might imagine I'm bored a lot. I just returned to school full time and I must say it feels good to do homework and know you just got credit for it.

    I took my first big test in a World Civ class today and although I took my time with it, I knew a lot of it. I'm actually excited to find out how I did. This is the first time I'm taking Adderall in school, so I'm not such a scatter brain. I've done homework while smoking though which is also cool lol. I'm trying to get straight A's. My GPA is loooooow heh. So this would be a huge turnaround.

    I do have to thank the Government, they funded me for free finally. I haven't been back to school in almost 2 years but my BA is coming soon.

    So if you're thinking about it, do it! They also give ya extra cash after paying for classes and books. Made me very happy :smoke:
  2. cool man im really digging school too. havent been this happy in awhile lol. summer leaves me goal-less
  3. For sure I agree totally. Just finished my first paper today, felt so good when I was done! But yeah summer basically just gave me wayyy too much free time so anything productive is gonna feel good
  4. enjoy it while it lasts man, you will miss it
  5. dont thank the government, thank the tax payers the government took the money from.

  6. This! I hope you make the best of the opportunity.
  7. True, well I pay into it as well but it's worth it. Got my first exam back from World Civ, I walked up and the professor said good job, I looked down, I got 104! I felt great all night lol. Fun to learn and beat challenges.
  8. thats the brain slug talking man. The good feeling will wear off by november.

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