Weird, I feel great the day after I smoke

Discussion in 'General' started by boredsmoke, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. All my friends complain about feeling burnt out and stuff.

    It is odd though because I always feel awesome the day after. I get great sleep wake up, feel confident, and in general like everything is gonna go my way. And I'm ridiculously productive.

    Maybe it is that I vape real high quality stuff. Because I do feel a bit of body high after effects a day after.

    Also I do productive high level stuff when high, creating new ideas, making important business+life decisions (I obviously look at these sober first, lol), physics, etc.

    or even low level stuff like cleaning my room.

    Does anybody else feel great the day after smoking?
  2. That's because being burnt happens right after the high, not the next day. You're thinking about a hangover from weeds retard cousin, alchohol :cool:
  3. same here i feel so pceful and productive and everything takes on a nice new look when i walk outside
  4. fuck yeah man, i wake up like the whole world is better and i'm in a "beautiful" mood the whole, i appreciate life a lot more, and that's good because i'm the depressive kind haha
  5. Well I usually feel just fine the day AFTER having smoked a lot. Usually though I crash pretty hard in the hours after a heavy smoke session. I feel drowsy, low energy, my muscles occasionally feel sore.

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