weird high from herb household mix?

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  1. ok so just yesterday was exactly a week since i have been on a break from weed... since i am looking for a job i can get a UA test which i must pass. anyway, i tried doing things instead that wouldn't show up on the UA. i read that nutmeg or peanut skins can get you high... so i just decided to mix them together. aight. now to the story. i smoke about 4 bowls of nutmeg/peanut skin mix. i didn't really feel anything from it so i just decided to open a mountain dew and play video games. but then i started feeling really jittery and my hands were shaking like a just chugged some energy drink so i put on some like cosmosis techno music and i was just pumped up as fuck. i went from bored and tired to fully stimulated. then after i felt a high like i was on weed. is it possible that the mix made caffeine more potent? or i heard that getting active after smoke not smoking for a while can activate a fat soluble high since the weed is fat soluble and it can enter your system when you get active.

    im sorry i type so terrible i hope you understand what i am saying. i smoked the mix and it somehow made me feel really good. but i heard that nutmeg and peanut skins are just myths and dont do anything. was me being hyper real or like was i just thinking it? cause i am usually a really laid back tired guy but now i did this 2 days in a row and it is really weird. any ideas on chemicals in the mix that could activate this energy in me? or what?
  2. not sure about the peanut skins and nutmeg.

    why didn't you just not smoke instead of smoking something gross like that?
  3. I have heard about the Nutmeg things
    My friend researched it and said the same thing
    He ate it and got high also
  4. have you ever seen "Idle Hands"?

    he smokes nutmeg and somethin else in it.. fucks his shit up

    but i wouldnt recommend it... if your really that desperate smoke some pine needles.. you'll trip balls
  5. I've heard that both work in their own seperate ways and that nutmeg normally take hours to kick in so maybe the mixture of the 3 not only sped up the effects, but also made the effects different

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