Weird!help Plz

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bluntedyouknow, May 31, 2006.

  1. ok so ive been saving up bagseeds since i started smoking i have almost a ziplock full i took big container put a bunch of seeds in n let them all come up i transplanted and all that after they came up but i have a question its my first grow one of the stems is like bright bright red is this ok?,one plant has the 2 ovalshape leaves but then the other leaves only have 3 ends is this normal?,and another plant has the oval leaves but the other 2 levaes comming looks like a mini bush no joke has anyone had a plant like this? ill take a picture i dont even know if this is a weed seed they are only a couple weeks old just getting first set of leaves just wanna be sure they not infected or somthing
  2. ok buddy slow down, first before you ask all these questions you really gotta get some pictures up, i cant really understand what your saying! second of all, the 2 oval shaped leaves are called cotydlyns and all cannabis seeds should have 2 of these (there are some mutants that have 1 or 3). third of all what medium did u put the seeds in? did u germinate them in paper towels or what? you gotta give us more information before we can answer any of these questions! also what do you mean by "i took big container put a bunch of seeds in n let them all come up"????

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