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  1. ok i started germinating my seeds a few days ago, using the paper towel method in an airtight tupperware container. now there are four seeds that have huge sprouts but the rest aren't yet cracked. any advise or help appreciated.

    the last of teh five pics shows a seed just covered in mold

    most of the seeds are just from the bud i get, but teh darker and bigger ones i found in a baggie on teh street, those seem to be th ones that germinated so fast

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  2. seems like mabe you had them in their for a while. happened to me on some, left it for a while and the white thing grew long.
  3. tehy were in there since wednesday, and most of teh seeds had no white thing popping out yet
  4. Those are really ready to plant, if its just bagseed, just plant the straight ones, any ones that really curl or twist may grow, but you dont have to bother unless you want to. Put your soil in a cup/pot/whatever, take somthing small and thin, and poke a hole in the soil just long enough to stick the long root tip down into it, leave the leaves or the seedling shell a little above the ground, and make sure your soil has moisture, dont let them dry out. Good Luck!

    - Vince
  5. soem of the seeds still haven't popped out yet , but if i plant them will they be alright anyways
  6. you waited way too long you have to check em twice a day bc when that taproot pops out it grows fast

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