Weird Food Combinations

Discussion in 'General' started by qiwjrqouh, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. I was listening to sports talk radio at work today and they had a topic about weird food combinations. It all started when one guy walked into the studio with a Peanut Butter and Mayonnaise sandwich. I am really adventurous when it comes to strange foods and delicacies from different cultures.

    So GC, what weird food combinations do you enjoy eating? I want to hear some of the grossest sounding combos out there.

    My contribution: I love to dip my Wendy's french fries into a Frosty, I love garlic and Nutella sandwiches, and I put A1 Steak Sauce on a bagel with cream cheese.
  2. peanut buttah and jelleh.
  3. Carrots and BBQ sauce. Really tasty IMHO.
  4. M&Ms + potato chips = :yummy:

  5. Not weird! The ONLY way to eat Wendy's food
  6. Fries and mayonnaise. Not really that weird, but it tastes sooo good. Talk about lots of fat :eek:
  7. i love to ejaculate on my hamburgers then eat them.
  8. Peanut butter and fried egg sandwiches. On toast.

    It's amazing.
  9. So me and my friends got unbelievably stoned the other night, while one of my friends was house sitting. And we were just scrounging up whatever food they had in the house, and started dipping sweet gurken pickles into cream cheese and eating it. And it almost tasted good, not bad, but not amazing. And then someone had the brilliant idea of dipping the pickles in jello chocolate pudding. It tasted exactly like chocolate mint ice cream, which was really really weird, but funny hahah :smoking:
  10. I like a toasted onion bagel with creamy peanut butter.
  11. That sounds good.
  12. sauerkraut (spicy though) and pizza. I just make it spicy by adding some hot pepper flakes to the jar and letting it sit.
  13. Oh man, that sounds incredible.
  14. I guess this isn't that weird, but I make an awesome chicken and mango curry stew :)
  15. garlic hummus and nacho cheese doritos are bomb when high
  16. mixing mnms into a bowl of hot steamy popcorn. . .



  17. Easy buddy, we don't want a secret ingredient in that popcorn.
  18. Yeah man, no one asked for extra butter
  19. not weird.. but when my mom makes waffles and there are some left over.
    i get so unbelievably high i put crunchy peanut butter on them toast them, vanilla ice cream 2 scoops, whipped cream, black berry jam and microwave that shit

    sooo good
  20. Steak and chocolate sauce!

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