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  1. i bought an 1/8 a week ago from a friend, and smoked it along last night for the first time.

    because i was alone, i probably did a few stupid things.

    i have this tiny dugout, where the bowl is like the size of a dime. i mustve smoked maybe 6-8 bowls.

    i have no idea how much it takes to get high, so when i didnt feel anything after 4-5 i just kept going.

    heres how the high was:

    no feelings of euphoria or happiness, just extremly slowed motor skills. walking down the hallway felt like a mile, and when i saw a person, it mustve taken me 10 minutes to realize it was a threat and to turn around. i cant remember why i decided to walk down the hallway anyways, i had no reason too. it took me about an hour to go back downstairs and pack away all my stuff and get to bed. i looked at my eyes and they were not dilated, i turned on the light and they looked normal and not red.

    after every bowl i would try to focus on my body and mind and figure out wether any effect had taken place. after 3-4 bowls i noticed being tired and maybe a little disillusioned. after a few more i noticed it was difficult to concentrate, and a few more after that and i barely had enough sense in me to make decision like to stop smoking.

    i have 3 theories:

    1. im one of those "i didnt get high the first time" people, except since i didnt know any better i smoked WAY too much to the point where my senses were fucked up anyways.

    2. the weed was horrible and produced a crappy high

    3. i didnt smoke enough of the crappy weed to get the full effects

    i figured since i was on the verge of falling asleep or passing out i would just stop smoking and go back to bed.

    no part of it was euphoric, but the sensation of time stretching out was pretty cool

    so i wont probably get another chance to smoke for a week minimum. i will probably try out my bong, unfortunately i doubt i will be able to get any quality weed. so what do you think is the cause of my weird and somewhat dull high?
  2. i know i didnt get high the first 4 times about when i smoked so i would say that first theorie is probley pretty acurate. try again
  3. why the fuck do u have a bong if uve never smoked before? :confused:

    anyways....from what u described u were high but it was prolly just shitty weed....or maybe u just didnt inhale right....then again if u really smoked that much then maybe it was shitty weed and u smoked too much....who knows...

    u smoked the whole 1/8 by yourself?
  4. props on smokin an 1/8th by yourself on the first time!! :p:p:p:p
  5. do you know how to inhale? after you get all the smoke in your mouth, take a huge breath out of the piece and keep it in for 5 seconds max (more doesnt do anything, all thc absorbed) and let it out
  6. What he said :p

    I know I got pretty fucking high on my first time smoking.

    Also...try getting un-crappy weed? That might help :smoking:
  7. no i didnt smoke the whole 1/8 by myself. not even close. maybe an 1/8 of an 1/8.

    why do i have a bong? well because none of my friends know how to roll a joint, and only one has a glass pipe so i decided i would go ahead and buy some glass stuff. buying it from check republic by sending out cash and recieving a package without my parents knowing is quite an ordeal, so i went ahead and spent $40 and got a mini-bong and the free dugout and chillum that came with it.

    im away from home on vacation and i dont know anyone here in port st. lucie, Florida, nor do i have a car so it will be difficult/impossible to get uncrappy weed for the rest of the summer.

    the weed is so bad, there is probably only 1/16 of it since the rest is seeds. the rest is a 50/50 split of leaves and stems.

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