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Weird feeling with mids

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kyle187, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. I usually always smoke fire/dank buds, but i got some of my friends "mids" today, and i put a bowl of it in a waterfall bong and i took it in one hit. It's giving one of the most extreme highs iv ever had. It makes me feel like my whole body is shaking, and i zone out to everything and its really crazy. I'v smoked a lot for about 2 years and iv never felt anything like it. I almost don't think its weed. It also makes my nose really congested, and i get real sensitive to light.
  2. Thats called meth :}
  3. I never tried the waterfall bong. But I have tried the gravity bong and I'm pretty sure they are somewhat similar. Usually they are one-hit wonders. Well for me that is.
  4. I usually get sensitive to light when I smoke what ever but that sounds like a good time just zoning out but maybe your use to the dank stuff? I don't really have an answer for that part haha.
  5. I don't know, sounds about right to me. This doesn't happen everytime I smoke, but on occasion it definately does. It's really rare that I get the shakes, but it does happen sometimes.

    But the stuffy nose ALWAYS happens when I smoke regular Mids. I don't really know why, but it isn't too bothersome. Sounds to me like you just got a good body buzz going on. I'd kick back and enjoy it if I were you.
  6. this happened to me a while ago.
    my friend's parents smoke a lot of weed. they usually get half pounds when they buy. so a while ago they had the most disgusting schwag you could imagine (thank god, now they buy really good stuff). it was practically brown, but a little green tint to it. idk what color to call it. so dry it flaked and the stems could make you bleed when breaking it up. since they buy so much they would occaisionally give my friend some when she had none. for a while we were smoking some really good shit from my ex-dude. probably the best shit i've ever bought. when we ran out of money her parents gave her a little of the brown bud and we smoked, thinking "great, we won't feel this after all the other weed." we definitely felt it. i believe i was shaking too, and that hasn't happened since i first started smoking.
    sometimes lower quality can get you blazed. i think it's all about changing what your smoking. if you smoke one kind of bud for a while, then change, your body isn't used to the effects of the new bud.
  7. i got some brick packed mids for like 100 an ounce, and that lasted me all winter because it got me so fucked up. it is an experience you will never be able to describe to someone who does not try it, because they wont believe you. i had some of the deepest thoughts of my life after smoking mids out of a gb, the only downside is that it makes you really tired after
  8. It was weird, usually i'll smoke 20$ bud with my buddys, and well get really blazed. But the bowl pack of mids i had got me so blazed that i had to shutoff the lights and lay in bed, it wasn't really that enjoyable either
  9. Highest I've ever been was the brownie, only seconded by the waterfall bong.

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