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  1. This kid i know sells pills cheap. Lately he's been doing a grab bag type of deal. As in you give him $6 and take 2 (or 3 if your wearing long sleeves) random pills. Its retarded but hes the only one i know that sells pills and I dont have much money.

    Its weird. I took the pills about 20 min ago and i go to sit down just now and i feel like im still standing. But in height not as in actually standing. Its kind of like im watching a movie or playing a video game but i can still function. I feel like im zooming out and the camera is behind me but i never get farther away. My hands look weird too, like they don't belong to me like usually i see them closer to my body or something. I'm getting a little anxious because im expecting to like drop into place but its not happening.... But at least im still functioning!

    Look at that typing.. flawless!
  2. Actually i though of Viagra when i was told about this... Bu then i was like, eh it wouldn't be all bad.
  3. Had nearly the same feeling with fighting the initial onset of sleepiness with an insomnia pill. i felt like i was super brain heavy and kinda like i was skiing
  4. That is the dumbest idea ever.

    A grab bag of pills?

    That's trouble waiting to happen.
  5. im no rocket scientist.....but isnt it a bad idea to take random pills without knowing its effects?
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    I tried to think of how it would be bad but couldn't come up with anything. One or two pills is almost never (if ever) enough to overdose on anything and im not allergic to anything. But then again I don't always show the best judgment.

    Eh im down. + usually i know what im taking. I just didn't know this one and didnt bother to ask. Your saying youve never popped a random pill? Ever?

  7. It doesn't matter, it's still a bad idea to take something without knowing what it is. (especially if you're paying for them - they could be aspirin for all you know)

    Not only that, but if you get two random pills and combine them you have no idea how those pills will interact with each other in your body.

    I agree that taking one or two random pills isn't going to kill you - but it's a horrible idea.
  8. FIRST OFF - You are an idiot for taking random pills.

    SECOND OFF- Your Dicks Gonna Fall Off. Have fun being dickless
    Third off- Im high, so I dont know what has to do with dicks, but it do.
  9. hell nah, i aint down with that shit...but to each his own
  10. Well if you tell us the imprints on the pills, then we could of told you what they were.
  11. well if you dont have pictures or descriptions of the pills then we cant really help you to an extent, you probly got some ssri and a meridol:rolleyes: :p
  12. I usually just light up but when moneys tight one pill can fuck you up all night.

    *note the rhymeage*

  13. I dont need "help". Dont be mistaken. Im actually quite content with this feeling. I dont feel like im hovering anymore but still kinda like im in a movie, nothing really matters and im feeling fine.
  14. lol u a pill poppin animal
  15. No shit, eh?

    Theres SO many pills out there that if you make a cocktail out of them it can be fatal.

    This is quite possibly one of the stupidest ideas ever....

    That's like selling explosives and flaming kabobs right next to each other :rolleyes:
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    yep, i have to agree with most of the people that have posted.

    why would you want some random pills that you have no idea what they are.

    This guy isnt a pharmacist... he is some retard high school kid it sounds like.

    What happens when you get 2 pills that interact with eachother and put you in a coma for the next week? Yea, that will be fun.

    But it's just retarded in so many more ways. BE RESPONSIBLE WHEN YOU USE DRUGS.

    If people werent so stupid and careless, we could legalize some of these drugs.


    Check out this website, if you are going to just buy random shit, at least go home and look it up. I work at a pharmacy and sometimes we use this website to identify pills that were left out or if a customer brings in a bottle that isnt labeled.

    2nd EDIT: Clonazepam (Klonipin) and Oxycodone (OxyContin) can have a fatal interaction if taken at the same time. These are two pills that are very popular and used widely for recreation. You could easily get these two in one of your bags. Have fun.

  17. Hey lets calm down there I not sure what you think you doing but i believe there were not negative comments before you arrived.

    I do believe i still have the right to do what ever the fuck i want with my body and for your information saying thinks like
    wont get you very far on this site.

    One of the reason i like this site so much is that you cant move up in GC by putting others down the only way to move up is by making friends. and youll never make any if you have nothing constructive to say.

  18. I only take one at a time unless they are 2 of the same and i know what they are. But thanks for the concern;)
    (i have though some of this out. Im out to have a good time not kill myself)
  19. seems like there were a lot of people that called it a stupid idea before i did. Im sorry if i got a little intense there, but i just wanted to emphasize how stupid i thought it was.

    Despite the fact that i said it in a fairly dick manor (cause it the idea of random pills in a bag seems stupid to me), i took the time to write this and look some things up for YOUR benefit.

    I dont wanna see a fellow GC blade dead or in a coma because you just wanted to pop pills and have a good time with out knowing the serious dangers of it.

    Edit: And yea, i think my first response was pretty damn constructive.

  20. Ight. Sounds good to me.

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