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  1. I am not sure if this has any correlation to the bud I smoked but I experienced something very unusual and slightly unsettling. Every night before bed, I smoke. I usually stay up & ride out the high before finally going to sleep but last night I went straight to bed. It didn't really feel like I was tired and I fell asleep after about 15 minutes of laying on my stomach. I proceeded to have a dream but this dream...I was conscious in. I could think about everything that my awake self could think about and could even move through the air to wherever I desired. It was like I was awake but in dream world. The terrain I was hovering above was dark and mountainous and it was storming out. I realized that I wasn't actually awake and I thought I was in some spiritual place so I started to attempt to call out my late grandparents names in hopes of finding them somewhere. It felt like I was actually trying to say them in real life but they were only in the dream. I then moved around a little bit through the air and saw a bright white ball not too far. I started to hover towards it & for some reason became terrified and woke up. I promise you this is true. I know I sound crazy, weird, and like I'm lying but I am truly not. Any insight on this would be extraordinary.
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  2. If it was storming out, wonder how come you didn't get wet?
  3. I believe you. Some would say it was lucid dreaming or an out of body experience.
    No way to know but i'll share one of mine with you...
    I was asleep but i seen my self laying in bed. like face to face with myself. Then I took off somewhere and ended up waking up as a, older white man. mid 30s. Anyways the time or the feel of the dream was like it was in the 80s. I can remember the house the wallpaper the details to everything! I remember being frantic...i ran to my sons room and woke him up and told him to hide under the bed. Then I looked out his window and told him to run and get help. I helped him out and went running around the house looking for my dad. I found him dead in the bathroom bleeding from his neck and this guy standing in the bathtub holding a knife. He came at me and we had a scuffle. I ended up slitting his throat. This is the weird part.....I literally could feel the puncture of the knife go in him and his flesh tearing while I ran the knife across his neck. I can STILL remember that feeling and i've never slit anything before besides defrosted chicken!
    When we were done I was looking in the mirror and I was a MAN! I looked in my eyes in the mirror and realized It was a weird thing that was I shouldn't be there or something.
    Hands down weirdest experience i've ever had besides my reoccurring holocaust dreams...but thats' a different story lol
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  4. It was just a vivid realistic dream. I used to have vivid dreams when prescribed a certain muscle relaxers. Had one that a girl that I broke up with and didn't speak to in over a year was killed in a car accident. I called her house in a panic and she answered. I stopped using those pills. The rest is history. We've been married 25 yrs now.
    Was this a new strain? Your first time ever not riding out the high before sleep?
  5. AWWWWWWWWW WTF?! if this is true, this is too cute.
  6. 100% factual
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  7. A new strain, no. First time, no, though I do it rarely. I have a couple other times just because I wanted to go to bed but nothing like this happened. I have also experienced sleep paralysis which was terrifying. But that is an amazing and crazy story.
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  8. Maybe it was a fluke thing.

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  9. "Why are you so wet baby?"
    -Shutter Island

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