Weird effect

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dryice, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. First time I've ever felt this, but it feels like I'm wearing a halo over my head. Like from the back of my head through the tips of my ears and up onto the middle of my head. It's pretty fucking crazy. Perhaps future prophet? :hello:
  2. Wait... I fail... it was my hat.
  3. im happy for you if you were that high
  4. I've been completely ripped the past 4 hours.
  5. lmfao..i was like "dude that sounds like your describing your baseball hat":hello:

    kudos on being fucked up man:smoking:
  6. I've actually felt that in this session I had just an hour ago. It's as you described it, except it felt like a small "O" was on the crown of my head. It was crazy... If I thought about it, my head would weigh down, but if I did, it would be easy to lift up. Probably all just had to do with lazyness of holding my head up from being so stoned, though. :smoking:
  7. hahahaah fucking great story.

    glad to hear you're blazed.
  8. haha this should go in the Funniest conversation thread. whererever that is.

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