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  1. So guys I'm sure we've all got them at some point. Share some of yours.
    Mine - I used have this dream since childhood about snakes and it would turn into a nightmare every time. I always got bitten by this snake. Or I'd be lying and all around me there were snakes everywhere,i moving and shit. I've always had the unexplainable phobia of snakes. Never had any bad experiences tho
    Another one is falling, but it's so funny because i actually shake when I fall and wake up. It feels like you died but woke up =}
  2. Lol just found this, and had a strange fuckin dream last nite that I was driving a semi varying top secret shit for an elementary school and drove past a homie that was camping on a floating ice burg lol
  3. i once had a dream that queen latifa took my bike and backflipped into a pool of uncooked beef. i'm a vegetarian.
  4. I fucked Emma Watson. And then I fell asleep.
  5. I had a dream I was in a super market with my mom, and all they sold were boxes of Chicken McNuggets. Like, in the boxes they are in at McDonalds. I was going up and down the aisles, looking for a McChicken, and all they fucking was McNuggets. And I'm talking a FUCK load of McNuggets, lol. I eventually quit looking for the McChicken, got some nuggets, buffalo sauce, and me and my mon left, lol.
  6. I actually had the strangest dreams these past few nights

    2 nights ago I had a dream that I was batmans sidekick...but I wasn't robin. I was in the batman beyond costume...anyway I'm patrolling the streets of Gotham, as batman because the real batman horribly sick and took the night off and out of nowhere superman comes crashing into the earth, after I found the crash site superman told me that there was a scientist gone mad at star labs who made a gun that steals meta humans powers and since I was batman and clearly had no superpowers I went to star labs beat up the mad scientist and arrested him. Long story short I saved the day and then proceeded to wake up and go about my day baffled at my awesome dream
  7. Since I've stopped smoking I've been having vivid crazy dreams. Like ones where I wake up but I'm still dreaming, and go on my normal morning routine if I actually was awake. Then I would always notice something strange (like I can't read shit or I'm not in my own house) ten suddenly realize I'm dreaming but wake up immediately
  8. finally someone else!
  9. I used to get a reocurring dream where everything was normal, except I wasn't able to talk. I could shout all I wanted, but no sound would come out. It always scared me when I was little and I haven't dreamt of it since.
  10. I had the same dreams when I was younger.
    They would start off like a normal dream, then something bad would happen, for example I remember one dream where this mother and her 2 daughters were chasing me, and when they caught me the mother told her daughters to attack me and they both dropped down to their hands and knees and came charging at me like dogs, they jumped at me and started biting the shit out of my legs, and I started screaming "HELP!!" but no sound would come out, which made me freak out and start trying even harder.
    After trying to scream for a bit, I put all my effort into a final scream, and suddenly woke up as I screamed "Help!" in real life, I remember my mother came running into my room thinking I was in trouble, haha.
    I think I was about 10 at the time.

    One strange recurring dream I still have to this day though, is the falling dream.
    I always hear people saying they have dreams about falling off a cliff or a building, as just as theyre about to hit the ground they wke up, well mine are a bit different.
    In mine it always starts with a normal jump, but instead of getting normal air, I jump super high into the air.
    One example i of a recent one is that I was jumping on a trampoline outside, and each time I jumped, I would jump a little higher, but then suddenly everything went into slow motion and I jumped about the height of a three story building and started moving forward, realising I wouldnt land back on the trampoline I aimed for a trampoline I could see in the next door neighbours yard, and when I landed on it, I bounced twice as high as the first time, and everything was still in slow motion.
    I kept bouncing back and forwards 5 or 6 times going higher and higher each time, til eventually I bounced heaps far off into the distance, and started falling back down to earth, landing on a cop cars hood, and breaking it, followed by waking up instantly with my heart racing.

    I dont normally remember my dreams, but when I do, theyre always wierd and tripped out.
  11. I had a dream a few nights ago, where I was in a dream, me and my cousin shot someone, i woke up from the 1st dream, my cousin rings me and tells me he had the same dream (we live an hour apart), he comes to my house, we fall asleep again, then we are sent to prison in the new dream, then we rank our way up (felt sooooo real), then we woke up from that dream, and we were still in a dream (which also felt weird), i then woke up from all my dreams and texted me cousin, THANK GOD his dream was different otherwise i would have freaked the fuck out.
  12. I honestly have at least 2 dreams minimum per week that I can recall.. Even started a blog about it but then got bored of
  13. wen i have bad dreams they are always about me running from sumone and for sum reason my shoes restrict me from running my fastest and my legs do sum weird slow motion type shit but i never get cought
  14. When i was a kid i always had 2 recurring dreams:

    1. I was playing in my local playground like any other day, when all of a sudden a terrible rumbling came from the ground, and all of the kids, everyone, starting running away and within seconds i was the only one in sight. Then out of nowhere GODZILLA came along stomping his heavy feet around, he wasnt that big in my dream though, probably 30-40 ft. Then i scrambled around trying to find a hiding place, even though i always ended up in the same one. It was between 2 close buildings, where Godzilla couldnt get into. Godzilla then turned himself into a spiral, like a tire, and just started rolling around all over the playground trying to find me. As far as i remember i just stayed there because i was too scared to come out, even after Godzilla left.

    2. Im not sure how to tell this one, all i remember is that Chucky forced me to carry him on my back and take him swimming from the shore of a beach to a nearby pirate ship, just like the one from Rayman 64, probably because i was scared of that level lol. Thats all i remember.

    I guess they were both nightmares.

    On a sidenote, that reminded me of Rayman 64! That memory hasnt been refreshed in years, wow that was a cool game.
  15. Good thing it wasn't Lady Gaga loooool
  16. Life dilemmas lol
  17. Had this dream that I was in an old abandoned locker room. It was like some end of the world, apocalyptic ish. I was in uniform along with this man, and there was a woman we were there to save, all dirty and stuff. We were fighting 2 aliens. The 1st one went down easy, and the 2nd was this massive moving pile of oozy flesh that just devoured everything in sight. The man ended up getting injured mortally, and I propped him against a locker, and the woman's legs were taken out by a falling piece of rubble. He gave me his gun and told me to take the woman and leave because we could hear the oozy monster get closer. It was so intense I remember feeling upset because I didn't want to leave him there, but he gave me his gun and screamed at me to go. I grabbed the woman as the monster turned the corner and I tried to provide cover fire for the guy but he screamed LEAVE as it ate him. So I'm this tiny 5'3" 125 lb. girl with a semi-auto in one hand, and trying to drag this woman with the other, all the while this monster is closing the gap. I was so tired, and remember wanting to leave her, but I couldn't I Was there to do my job, so I dropped the gun, and hefted her up into my arms somehow, and ran. We came to the end of the building to a dead end, and I set her down. I knew this was the end, and my foot hit a can, so I picked it up and threw it in desperation. It distracted the thing long enough that I found a air vent, yanked the grate off of it, and climbed in to head where ever it led, and I pulled the woman in behind me....then I woke up!

    It was so intense, I woke up angry, scared and sad. I swear I felt like I had lost a comrade.
  18. Wooow you should consider writing a movie script based on ur dream :)
  19. Id have this reoccurring dream when I was in elementary school that went almost the same every time. Everyone would be out on the playground and some dude would appear with either a rifle or some super power where he'd shoot spikes out of his hand or some bullshit and just start killing kids.. lol and it'd ALWAYS end with me diving in front of a friend or my little sister to take whatever was shot at them, and then Id die.. Thats what those violent video games will do to a 7 yr old I guess

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