weird dream about gettin laid by god

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  1. well, it may sound offensie to god, what it doesn't mean to be, but i had a dream that me and god made out .. like fucked in a hotel room. what is wrong with me?! i was a bit confused when i woke up. when anybody should ask what he looked like .. i don't really remember, just a regular guy. Maybe now i'll get a baby from him, like virgin Mary, lol.. well i asked him if he did come and he didn't.. bummer :confused::smoke:
  2. LOL :laughing: .. sure, it was heavenly
  3. Had to of been, it was god, altho he didnt come so maybe he has a different opinion :p

    guess you just need to go get laid just a girl...thats what the dream is tellin you :smoke:
  4. god has only cummed once....

    and thus the universe was born.

    we're all just condensed pieces of astro-spooge.

  5. Yay! I knew my dream book would come in handy SOMEDAY...:hello::hello:

    When you have sex in your dream it usually means that you need to be submissive about something- the person you are having sex with represents some sort of quality that you might be lacking or have in spades...and in this case God, represents might power and the need for truth.

    so what it probably means is- you are in need to find truth in your life and you have been doing something that will fog this truth- so you need to be 'submissive'- some how or another... and that will lead to mighty power.

    OR it might just mean you want God, which is understandable- he is God!!! But i'd try for jesus instead.. hes younger.
  6. and what girl isn't turned on by a skinny pale guy with long hair and far out beliefs?
  7. God strikes me as a guy that loves the donkey punch.
  8. ^ always struck me as the type that loves the reach around actually well..that and fisting God loves fisting
  9. lol .. +rep XColonelsPrideX :smoke:

    might be true (somehow it maybe is) .. but i also need to get laid :p
  10. can't help ya there. :ey: :ey: ...good luck with that though.

    Getting laid= yay!!! :hello: :hello: :hello:
  11. I had a dream that I sexed up some crazy dude.
    Then he disappeared.
    But that sucks that you didn't make him cum.:eek:
  12. Now I am not sure we should be putting the blame on her. I am sure she did all she could to make him cum- maybe she is not the one with the problem... maybe its God.

    GOD has the problem- it all makes sense now.


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