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Weird depersonalisation feeling 3 days after smoking

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PuffPuffPassedAway, Jun 26, 2017.


Have you ever felt like this?

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  1. #1 PuffPuffPassedAway, Jun 26, 2017
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2017
    So I smoked a 2g between me and my pal the other day. I feel it's important to say I use to smoke then too a break and am only back doing it. After smoking it I had a out of body high that has continued on for 3 days now. I feel as if I am the narrator of my own life and as if I am behind a glass screen looking apon myself. It is quite a scary experience when I can't focus or recall something that happened only minutes ago. My guess is I smoked too much for my tolerance (being quite low at this point) I also use to put tobacco on my joints but have recently have only been smoking blunts/ all green joints (depending on what you call them). This I think is the problem, I think I am getting to stoned to quick and it has been lasting for several days. I smoked on Friday and had it Saturday and on Sunday I had a couple of bottles of beer n a joint, hoping it would maybe help. It didn't. It made it worse. I am going on holiday in 2 days for 2 weeks. I'm hoping that I will sober up before the end of it and when I return I will update this. From reading other people experiences it would only make sense for me to be good by then. Only time will tell I guess. I will update in a couple of weeks when I get back.

    Any advice, tips or explanations would be great. Cheers

    Update #2

    Still totally zoned out if anything it feels worse today. I'm meant to be smoking after I get back, if this has cleared up I will be doing it but no where near as much as I have been. Not really sure when this will end, whenever it's not in my mind I seem to be okay or whenever I'm skating I seem to be alright but still slightly zoned out.

    Update #3

    Holy fuck!! Just woke up from a lucid nightmare (first ever lucid nightmare, had lucid experiences before however) I kept waking up within a nightmare in a nightmare and it went in until I killed myself in the nightmare. Pretty fucked up. I feel as if I am on the edge of insanity right now.

    Update #4

    Feeling more chilled now, gonna try and get some sleep. Update in the morning.

    Update #5

    Just finished breakfast. I managed to get some decent sleep after last night's lil drama. I feel totally zoned out again today but a bit better than yesterday. I fly out around 1ish today. I'll update tomorrow morning unless for some reason I feel it's appropriate to do so before then.
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  2. Sorry for typing errors, I cba fixing them.
  3. It is temporary from weed. Don't focus on it...just a natural defense mechanism of the body.
  4. Thanks for the reply man, any idea how long this shit will last because I'm totally out of and feel so away from myself it's terrifying
  5. Why would the body need a natural defense mechanism against cannabis? Do you work at D.A.R.E?
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  6. Look at my thread thats in Tokers Q&A. What do you mean by zoned out? Im wondering if we have the same issues.
  7. Well I can clarify, that was a little uncalled for though. The body has a natural fighting response to undue "stress". In this instance it was from THC. It can happen from car crashes, trauma (think about when parents divorce for young children), losing somoene, etc. etc.

    It's almost always the same and is your brain trying to process what it experienced by taking a step back. Nothing to worry about and it will dissipate.
  8. Yooooo do you remember my thread??
    I just remembered before this all started happening that I dislocated my left shoulder and essentially went into shock for a couple minutes. Couldn't see, ringing in my ears, that kind of shock. Do you think this has anything to do with it?
  9. Hard to really say, sounds like they were separate experiences, but when the brain has recently had a certain response to stress (from your dislocation), it's easier for it to travel that same pathway to deal with similar stress.

    Like familiarity. Definitely a possibility. Again, should dissipate. Just don't focus on it.
  10. Thank you for your help, means a lot.
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  11. #11 Allofthemtaken, Jun 28, 2017
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2017
    You have no clue what you're talking about. THC doesnt cause "stress". You sound exactly like the anti-cannabis ads.

    What happened to Op is common with people new to the plant , no need to go into the science of it, if you don't understand what you're saying yourself.

    If THC induced stressed, nobody would be using it. It does quite the opposite.

    And what you're referring to is "fight or flight" the bodies natural response to stress.
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  12. I've actually heard that THC can induce stress and anxiety. CBD counteracts this. I'm pretty sure he understands perfectly what he's talking about.
  13. Mk, anything in life can cause stress. Never heard of anxiety from weed? that's mental stress bro. A panic attack? that's mental stress bro. Anything the brain doesn't fully understand or know how to process can cause stress. That's a natural defense mechanism. Anytime you overload on something it can be stressful, be that overworking, a bad relationship, or TOO MUCH THC. Anything can do that, I'm not saying it's weed specific so I don't get where all this negativity is coming from.

    There are hundreds of millions of brains that have used THC, paradoxical reactions are not outside the realm of possibility.

    I'm not against weed. I'm not restructuring my life around growing and moving out of state for no reason.

    Perhaps we simply have different definitions of what stress is. So I'll just leave it at that. No need to quote me, Don't see any point, in continuing this.

    Hope everything works out OP.
  14. Im sure you have from plenty of anti-cannabis websites. If you smoke too much your going to have a bad time, you may even become paranoid. Is THC the direct cause of this, NO. Not a single study proves this. I'll be glad to read any peer reviewed studies. An increased heart rate or your surroundings can cause you to get anxious, which is usually the cause when smoking marijuana. NOT THC. But go ahead and keep doing anti-cannabis' work with statesments like "weed causes stress," the body will naturally defend itself against the poison known as weed". And if you read that and are so well educated on the subject now, how come you made such a thread to begin with? You've obviously done research. Any adult would know how to handle a situation like this or wouldn't put themselves in it.
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  15. I feel it's the spread of misinformation adds to another small percentage why Cannabis has a negative view. Hopefully you don't go around telling people weed causes stress on the regular.
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  16. It seems like you're assuming that I'm anti-cannabis. I smoke weed, I am definitely NOT anti-cannabis. Some situations that cause anxiety when high would not have had the same effect when sober. You can not tell me that I'm wrong.
  17. There is not single case of anxiety of happening when on CBD syrup. So theres either something else happening here, or THC is an indirect cause of this.
  18. I think they are the same, have you been having lucid nightmare on anything like that?
  19. Do yourself a favor and don't smoke as much. These depersonilization/high anxiety issues are brought on from over consumption of high grade cannabis. If I consumed that much one time I would be through with cannabis for good. My doseage is just one hit of high grade bud and I am medicated for hours. No need to smoke 2 grams, that would last me week to two weeks easy. Lower your tolerance and try microdosing and you will have nothing but great experiences.

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  20. No lucid nightmares. Mostly visual issues.

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