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Weird crazy high, looking for answers please

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lightitupbro, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. okay so im at my cousins house i sit on the couch and i show him the weed i bought, his gf passes me a blunt i took about 5 or 6 hits like right in a row, so as i walk back into the back house which is my grandmothers house it felt so unreal. like i literally had to stop and think about what i did before i did it, it felt like slow motion, and the part that scared me was everything in my peripherals was blinking(think of resetting on dying after a video game.) just like that. now ive been smoking for like 4 years but took a HUGE tolerance break. like a year and i would take hits here and there. i felt like tingly throughout my whole body, my heart was racing, i was shaking but it happened before. at my friends house but it was way more intense because i smoked too much, and this time, i knew what was happening. so i went in the bathroom smoked a cigarette and i felt SUPER HEAVY like gravity was just on top of me, i looked at myself in the mirror, stopped and threw water on my face. the game that my brother was playing (a racing game) on the tv a clock was beeping down faster and faster and i literally thought it was my death clock i thought when it stopped i would die, but i know that was paranoia. this never really and another thing it also felt like i could only hear peoples voices and nothing else. has this happened to you before? is this an underlying mental condition? im pretty freaked about it. i love to smoke and i dont wanna stop but these highs are just too much. and ideas? advice. anything?:wave:
  2. Maybe the pot you smoked was just a lot stronger than you are used to and you had a low tolerance. Smoke less next time and try to chill out if it becomes to intense. Perhaps, put some music on or take a shower or something idk
  3. In the computer world when you find a flaw, like a certain key combination that makes a program crash, but it's not a key combination any sane person would use for anything, they say "that's a bug that can be killed with DDT...Don't Do That."

    Quit smoking so fucking much :wave:

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