Weird Conversations?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CheeseVendor, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. My aunt calls to talk to my mom every sunday, and im home on break and havent seen/talked to her in a while.

    So long story short she calls, im ripped, i pick up the phone, and it goes roughly like this, if im remembering correctly :smoke:

    Me: Hello?
    Aunt: Hi!
    Me: Hey! it's (my name)
    Aunt: Who?
    Me: (my name), im home from school

    now for some reason at this verry moment i just start geekin, like get super blitzed all of a sudden idk:smoke:, smoked too many pots, but then the crazy shit happens, we're just talkin about shit i guess, then all of a sudden she's just like "Did you just laugh out loud?!?!?!" and i totally didn't, and i was like "wait", and just hung that bitch up.

    Anyone else ever had weird conversations you didn't want to while high?
  2. i had to talk to barrock obama when he walked into a dinner and i was high as shit

    he totally knew..
  3. you blew it man!
  4. My brother's friend's mom was dropping his dog off at our house so we could watch it while she went to Switzerland. I had just taken like 3 fat bong rips 20 minutes before this, so I was fuckin baked. She also has an accent, because she is actually from Switzerland. She she was trying to have a convo with me and I was just like "yeeeeee. Ohh definitely, yuppp." Cuz I couldn't really understand her. And it felt like she was lookin at me funny like she knew. Soon as she left, I laughed my ass off and then went to get some munchies. Such a struggle.
  5. Hahaha saying yes when you dont understand and hope for the best.. (aka they stop talking)

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