Weird buds and the areogarden...big question

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  1. ok so i grew about 15 plants and of those i got 4 good females that budded...3 have gone through 4 weeks of veg and 10 weeks of budding time but one refuses to finish budding while the others have orange hairs and are all frosty and done...anyone have anything happen like this before, i mean the one that is left looks like its still in early flowering the way Areogardens are good shit for crops...
  2. aerogardens are absolute junk when it comes to growing weed. they weren't designed to and do it very poorly. if you had done some research before buying you would know why.
  3. um no, you should check your research, try searching this forum for "aerogarden lowryder" and you will see how mistaken you are miss
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    first off, vastly overpriced for what you get out of it. 2 ounces of lowryder with a $200 piece of junk. puhlease. IMHO an aerogarden is for the utterly lazy individual that really doesn't care what kind or how much bud he gets.

    which brings me to my second point, lowryder is not dank weed. i know there's tons of peeps that love it and really have no choice to use them due to space constraints. they're willing to compromise the quality because otherwise they probably wouldn't be able to grow at all. and that's cool, i mean you gotta do what you gotta do. but i don't care what kind of space you have, throwing an aerogarden there isn't a constructive use of limited space.

    and lastly, i know for certain those nutrient tablets are not suitable for marijuana's needs. they have some very distinct needs that other plants don't. Magnesium for example. There are far better nutrients that can better fulfill their needs.

    that's my beef with aerogarden. if you insist on using it, i do wish you luck and do not mean to personally insult you in any way. however that is my blunt opinion. i do not speak from experience, only what i've seen and heard, so take it for what it's worth. i'm curious to hear your yield.
  5. Yea man their good if you only smoke an 1/8th every 2 months...

  6. Dude common now, do you seriously think I'd use those dimes sized death tabs those people give you? I use FoxFarm nuties, used to use Advanced Nutrients but figured i'd give foxfarm a try. And the reason I use it is because for the longest time i had my grow room in a crawl space that was a pain in the ass to go to every day, and that thing made it so i had less trips to the dungen.
  7. Pictures are worth 1000 words. IMO Much Love.
  8. What does this mean?:hello:
  9. ^ In my humble opinion (obviously IMO is in my opinion)
  10. lol the aerogarden nutes suck for flowering yeah but the veg ones are bomb you have to be an idiot to think 11-0-0 isn't good for veg....=O *typo

  11. Except that weed does need some p and k during veg; not much but some. And how about micro nutes. Are those in there too? They need micro nutes too.

  12. I always use it as in my HONEST opinion.
    That's what I always though it was. But, thats just IMHO!!!!!!!!

  13. This guy is a negative dude....I thinkhe might be jealous of your 2 oz's and buddie wait till you harvest your 16th what's that you say??? a lb for 200$ pretty good price least here in canada
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    lol ya i'm jealous of your puny two ounces. puh-lease, i would shit a brick if my grow only gave me two ounces.
  15. Get off the OP's dick and go build your badass setup for $200. If he had the space or time to do so, I'm sure he'd be able to put together a perfectly efficient box for $200. But it looks like he didn't. If that's what he has to work with, then that's that.
  16. I think Chem is just trying to say aero gardens are not great so don't pretend they are.
  17. thanks mels. definitely all i was trying to say.

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