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weird body load from smoking

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by randgen, Jul 17, 2012.

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    So. I enjoy weed as much as the next guy but lately (well, the past few years really, on and off) I've been having these really weird sensations whenever I get high. It happens pretty much every time I toke unless I'm like suuper relaxed and feeling good like after a massive workout or something. I always get this rushy feeling in my chest and I feel my heart pounding in my temples and hands (not racing just a heavy pounding like its struggling or something). I often get this congested feeling in my lower arms and hands, kinda like I had a rope tied around my arms not letting blood through. This mostly happens if I lay down on either side. It's super uncomfortable and It stops me from falling asleep when I'm high. Like I'll try and as I'm about to drift off I get this surge of numb pain in my arm or or chest.

    I've found standing is best, sitting is second, and laying down worsens the symptoms. These feelings often come with faintness and feeling really weak and lethargic (kinda like after a night of heavy drinking). I never get the euphoric ear-to-ear grin feeling any more when I'm high and it basically just puts me in a weird state of mind and makes me retarded and self conscious / nervous.

    I don't smoke particularly much or often. I usually smoke like .3 - .5 grams in a joint ranging from once a month to daily for short periods. Symptoms usually get worse gradually when I smoke daily.

    So yeah, I'm gonna quit smoking for a while I'm just curious of this is happening to anyone else. Back when I started smoking it was all bliss and fun.
  2. Happens to the best of us. Just take a break for a couple of months and try at it again. Maybe smoke a smaller amount too and see if its just you getting really high. I know when I get really fuckin ripped I feel weird shit but thats just Ms Mary talkin.

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