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Weird Blue Thing On Nug Lol

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Skyed, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. My friend had picked up and then he brought it to my house and we were looking at it and there was this.. at first I thought it was super dank purple but upon further inspection it was something blue? lol

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  2. Looks like mold man, don't smoke it.

    Do some google searches about water curing, hopefully that saves your nug.

  3. Well this was a while ago that I took the picture.. so I'm long done with that stash. We just picked it off, that was the only spot.
  4. might be lint, that would explain why it was blue.
  5. Looks like pocket lint
  6. Who the hell puts a nug without a bag in their pocket? Lmao
  7. Well don't smoke any weed that has fuzz like that on it, the mold could have spread its spores all over the bud already. I'm sure it won't hurt you if its just one little spot on one nug, just don't take the risk if you come across that next time.

    At least you know you are getting fresh weed, it just needs to be handled better.

    I am also from chicago, I love the weed we get here :)
  8. That would make the most sense

  9. Yes, I just got some medical. Well at least I think it's medical, there's a barcode and a number on the bag and it's pretty nice and purple. I'm about to go post it in the stash jar section.

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