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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Little Wing, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. I just recently remembered something from my childhood. Between the ages of about 3 and 4 I had actual hallucinations. For that whole year I remember seeing a nest of transparent bright blue fish flying around my room, they were very small, about the size of a peppercorn. They were like the deepsea fish, very ugly with wierd appendages. They lived in a nest in the corner of the room.

    I am very serious about this, I am almost 100% sure I actually saw them, although the holographicness of them may mean I had a VERY convincing mind.

    Anyone else remember oddities like this?

    By the way, I used to watch the fish-hive for entertainment.

  2. Acid is bad

    Lol naw jk, but nope I never had them=P
  3. hate to see my childhood hallucination post die.
  4. yep. . . ah. . . what can i say . . . shit happens.
  5. better then nothing, :D.
  6. you ever eat paint chips as a kid?
  7. No, no paint chips.
    I did once eat mushrooms off my lawn, my parents gave me those pills that make you puke, then they took me to the doctor. I beleive this story to be completely irrelevent to the post.

    Any doctors in the house?
  8. your parents musta been feedin ya sumething slightly trippy...

    some sweets have halucinogens in the colouring (like the old blue smarties)
  9. wow really digit? very interesting....
  10. I actually ate very little candy back then, and very little now too. Hmm, now that I have remembered about the fish I am determined to find out what they were about, I'll ask my doctor next time I have a physical.
  11. I dont think your regular pysician will know what your problem is. Sounds more for the job of a Pych doctor or anyone that studies the brain.

    But, somtimes I think I know everything and I could be totally wrong...hmmm...
  12. Yeah, but doctors may have an idea, or may say I should see So and so...

    It can't hurt to ask.
  13. Before I read your whole post I thought that you may have had a mobile that you forgot about.
  14. I had this exact same hallucinogenic experience at around the age of 5 or 6. Swear to god. I still remember the school of blue fish glowing like an aura entering my door and flying in circles around the corner of my room. Ive told this to many people before. I'm so curious and excited i found this now. You wrote this is 2003, i hope you'll see this today.
  15. Still gonna bank on the paint chips.
  16. In that case I'll take a few paint chips.

    Jk, jk
  17. When I was about 5 I was terrified to go upstairs in my house alone because every time I looked up the staircase there was always a pair of red eyes staring at me. Not kidding at all because I vividly remember one time my parents were in my living room and I was about to go upstairs to grab a pair of socks and i looked up and saw an inhumane figure with red eyes. It was always with the lights turned off whenever I saw it it was very weird. I won't ever forget that it was so fucking creepy as a kid.
  18. My parents would tell me that I would stare at the ceiling with my arms out, stretched grabbing at things in the air giggling.
    I hear that a lot of children are more in touch with something that we lose as we mature.

    I used to see a hooded man in my room that scared the shit out of me that would stand by my dresser watching me when I was young.

    Another time, I would see a black silhouette of a man standing by my window, I figured it was my father as he came into my room to peer out the window every night.
    Turns out when I brought it up to him, he has never come into my room looking out the window.
    The night before bringing it up to him I asked what him what he was looking at out of my window. He turned around and shook his head and walked out.

    To this day I have no fucking idea what I saw.
  19. While we're taking about weird shit from our younger days I'll add this.

    When I was little (probably 5-10) I'd often wake up from a dead sleep at exactly 3:00A.M. Sometimes it'd go on days at a time and then stop. Then many months later it'd start happening again. I even changed my alarm clock a hour back and I'd still wake up at 3:00A.M even though my clock said it was 2:00A.M. Was some weird shit but I didn't think much of it.

    I ended up searching it on Google one time and I'm not the only one this happens to. They say 3:00A.M is the Devils hour, some say a spirit was watching you, Idk what to think.

    I know waking from a dead sleep at the exact same time sure isn't a normal thing to have happen though. I was instantly wide awake didnt even feel drowsy. Stopped happening once I entered my teens.
  20. Well when I was younger living in my old house I always had a scared feeling in my old room, at night I would hear footsteps in the upstairs room( was vacant since my dad moved out). I hated that room so much I would sleep walk out of the room, and often try to leave the house. My mom would stop me every time and try and wake me up. I would randomly wake up in the kitchen or dinning room. Was pretty scary as a kid, I resorted to sleeping on the couch in the living room most of the time as it felt safer with the back of the couch being Against my back. as I grew older in the house shadows moved, chairs moved and I ended up moving into the upstairs bedroom that I was terrified as a kid.
    Honestly what ever was in the house never tried to scare me but it always made its presence know every week or so.
    Have a lot of crazy stories from that house. Cheers

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