Weird ass Swishers...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. This is a first for me..

    Main i got a couple packs of peachs, A couple packs of strawberry, Pack of menthol and a pack of grapes here.

    I smoke swishers non-fuckin-stop.

    And i get to this one i pull it out lookin for the seam. Im baffled i cant find it, Figure out its jus a inner leaf, No outter leaf's whatsoever.

    And its not tapered at the end like a normal rillo is tappered, Its jus completey straight.

    Im rollin it and its TWO inner leafs glued or something together.

    The two inner leafs came apart.

    Never seen a swisher fucked up like this before.
  2. haha thats some weird ass shit, ive never had a rillo like that before. im pretty sure if i saved all the swisher packs ive had in the past 2 years i could build a fucking house.
  3. Wtfffffffffffff[​IMG]
  4. You ussually get the V-cut ones?
  5. wow

    that's something for life's log book

    and that's why i use papers
  6. call up and complain!! you could get coupons and shti for free swishers!!!!!!!
  7. dude I thought I was the only one, got two of earlier this week without the outer leaf..
    wtf swisher
  8. they taste like glue something fierce when you get the ones without the outer leaf.
  9. Every now and then I'll get a fucked up swisher
  10. this is also why i use papers
  11. I seen SWISHER in the title and knew it was you Kepp Smokin. :)

    check the box mayne, my homie got a pack i forget what the name was but it was spanish,, and they were longer and a little different lookin.

    check an see what the box says dude
  12. unless hes drunk im pretty sure he'll notice it, i know what you're talking about though, they have like mini swishers, swisher tip cigarillos, swisher sweet perfectos, etc. but its pretty easy to notice if u grabbed the wrong pack.
  13. nah..these ones arent american. theres like no difference cept for a couple letters..

    other than that //identical.
  14. sweet coronellos?
  15. Fer real, I figured this was a freak accident.

    Exactly, Tasted fuckin jus like glue main.

    Glad im not alone.

    Naa i doubt it, Look normal to me, Same swishers i get from the reg place, Freshest swishers in town.

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