weird ass adderall

Discussion in 'General' started by Perfekt, May 8, 2006.

  1. So i take this adderall pill and its like 2 hours later now and its for me to study, but i feel like on rolling really hard. Im touching everything and i have to have techno on. Im getting the body high and im so fucking happy, this is really insane!!

  2. i snorted 2 before class once and i couldnt stop dancing to techno on my ipod, it was really fun lol
  3. If you are feeling like youre rollin you are just takin too much. When I was prescripted to it the first few times id eat like 2 30's and feel like I have a roll. Watch out though man if you got a script, that shit fucks you up long run. I took mine for like 2 months n then i just sold em all.
  4. nah, not long term, just finals
  5. thank god for legal pharmeceuticals.
  6. I'm gonna buy a bunch sometime this week

    is snorting it dangerous? Fun?
  7. hooray its great.

    its completely safe too, why would the govt prescribe anything dangerous?

  8. Please tell me thats sarcasm.
  9. toungue. in. cheek.

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