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Weird After-Effects

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by calories, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. So over the last week (up to and including 4/20) I've been partying and smoking like crazy because I was on spring break and my buddies were doing stuff all the was a ton of fun and I was practically stoned for 4 days straight at the end. However, I haven't been feeling great since suddenly stopping (I cannot smoke where I am now)

    - I can't sleep well. The last 2 nights I was struggling to fall asleep past 3-4am (i go to bed around 12 and that is normal for me)
    - I have a very weak appetite. I don't seem to want to eat even when I feel hungry.
    - I've been irritable. I'm normally very chill but the last 2 days it's been horrible :/

    Could this be weed related?

    p.s. I barely drank any alcohol.
  2. You got used to being high constantly and now your body misses it pretty much. Small short term dependancy. It can happen. Give it another day you'll be fine.
  3. You just went from being extremely euphoric to being back to normal
    It's understandable that you'd be a little irritated especially if it's not something you do often.
    You body just needs some time to rest give it a day or so.
  4. Ya, this is the basic weed withdrawal experience. Depending on just how much you were smoking and just how much of a tolerance you developed, the unpleasant effects could last anywhere from 3-10 days or so.

    My number 1 recommendation is exercise. Exercise sensitizes cannabinoid receptors, so you will feel more benefit from your own natural cannabinoids... it also causes a large release of endogenous cannabinoids (or at least anandamide) as well.

    Number 2 recommendation is 5-htp. Whenever I stop smoking cold turkey I get insomnia with night sweats. With 5-htp I can at least sleep the whole night, though likely I will wake up a couple times feeling clammy all over. Towels are great for this because it's only the clammy feeling that wakes me up. Also works great for mental clarity during the day, but whatch out for sleepiness. You can get 5-htp at grocery stores or pharmacies.

    I find exercise can take what would be a week of struggling to swallow solid food and drop it down to one day.
  5. Yeah dude, just tolerance going back down. Your body got used to constantly being stimulated by exocannabinoids (THC) and you gain a tolerance and I think the body even down-regulates production of natural endocannabinoids (Anandimide).

    One kind of positive aspect (for me at least) is much more energy, more mental alertness, and muuuuch better dream recall and generally more dreams and more vivid dreams.

    But remember it's nothing to worry about, and it's all in your head.

    As for sleep, maybe try unisom? Or some other over-the-counter stuff? 2 benadryl (25mg x 2) is equal to a Unisom in terms of active ingredient, and it really helps me out, and strangely enough it seems to stimulate my appetite (albeit when I'm trying to sleep). I'm no doctor and don't take this as medical advice, but from one insomniac to another, just have a cuppa Chamomile tea, take 2 benadryl, and turn the tv/computer/radio/ipod/xbox off, and count back from a thousand or something to clear your mind.

    Also maybe try reading up on lucid dreaming and try wake-to-sleep methods. It's basically trying to meditate as you fall asleep, you can stay aware while feeling yourself fall asleep, it's really trippy and if you do it right you can stay awake in your dreams (I've only managed it once but it's really crazy, and worth the effort when you get it right).

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