Weird addictions?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ryusuke, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. You guys have any weird addictions or habits?

    Personally I am addicted to raw green onions. I could eat this shit all day. I'm a smoker as well but I would much rather prefer a big spicy fat green onion. I love how the green stem turns crunchier and whiter towards the root. It tastes so good. I often have it with milk to ease the burn in my mouth. My homies and family can't stand my onion breath. Green onion addiction ruins lives

    how about you guys?
  2. That's a nice desk you have there
  3. Sadly pepsi, im in great shape, but if there isnt any form of coke with my meal im just disappointed.
    Idk if that's weird or not, but i contributed :)
  4. Franks red hot sauce. It's gross some of the things I put that shit on
  5. i put that shit on everything.
  6. Cookies and cream ice cream with the real oreo's.

    I'm addicted to that shit.
  7. Green onion is weird. For sure, lol.
  8. The blue colored ChapStick, the regular flavor.
    Bags of store bought ice.
    Black olives out of the can.

  9. Same here, and Pepsi is way better than Coke too lol
  10. fur burgers

  11. I was once convinced frank reds hot was good on everything and anything. I tried it on ice cream.

    Oh I was wrong. Never again. Don't try that.
  12. hahaha you made laugh and my hot ass tea came out of my nose lol fuckkk youuuu.

    and thanks for the heads up ^^^ lol
  13. Gonna go home, make a bowl of Lipton chicken noodle soup, and pour some franks in it. Delicious.
  14. hooked on the rooster sauce mayne
  15. Franks red hot is actually terrible what is wrong with you people

    Tabasco is the real stuff

  16. Tapatio > Tabasco :smoke:
  17. Tabasco > Sriracha > Tapatio > Franks :p I'm addicted to all of em anyway
  18. I live like twenty minutes from Avery Island in Louisiana which is where its from so everyone down here puts Tobasco on everything
  19. Writing graffiti

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