Weird acting bong

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone knew what may cause this because it was really annoying and I want to avoid it happening again. I never seemed to be able to get the right sized hit from this bong I used at a friends house yesterday. I either got a tiny hit that I didn't even come close to being able to feel but if I waited just the tiniest bit later before pulling out the slide, I got an enormous hit that was a huge cloud and was a real challenge to clear. Anyone know why?

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  2. Water pipes should come with very detailed instruction manuals IMO.
  3. Some bongs hit different but all you have to do is take a bigger hit... without being a dick, this is a retarded question. But we all start somewhere so just remember bongs vary.
  4. I don't think you saw my question right. I was saying there was a very small range of hits of the right size. Some were too small, others larger than I can handle, and just the smallest increase from a super small hit created an extremely large hit. Therefore taking a larger his is not the answer since some of them were already too large.

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  5. I seen this's Satan..or one of his minions...called demons..look it up. Satans in your bong. Better pray, trash that glass and roll a J. Satan hates that. Thats what Jesus would do.
  6. if ur bowl is almost outta weed, when you hit the bong, no smoke will come up even if there was a little pinch you saw in there... otherwise, bowl mighta been too clogged.... probs the first guess tho lol 420 blaze it

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