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  1. whats up yall, this may sound like a daft question but i got some scales to weigh out what i buy to make sure it is correct and the spilt it to sell it, but the thing is i dont know the weight's for ten's, eight's, quarters and shit like that, i know that half and ounce is 14.2grames or somthing like that, so if any of u guys could help , it would be well appreciated, thanx
  2. eighth 3.5 grams
    fourth 7.1 grams
    and then you can probably get it from there
    oh yeah ounce 28.5 grams
  3. it all depends on what the origianl oz weighs at? sometimes im lucky and get 32 gram oz's and some times there as small as 27. around here 1/8 is about 4-5 grams and a 1/4 is about 8-9 with halfs around 15.

    its really simple math. take the original weight of the oz. and divide it buy 8 or 4 or how ever ur going to sell it...

  4. man i think there is only one weight for and ounce i mean the dealer can give you extra but an ounce still weighs 28.5 grams.
  5. selling by the gram makes you a lot more money :D
  6. I need to get a scale too, Im tired of getting skimpy sacks.
  7. digis arent expensive........you save money by buying one
  8. what's a pound?
  9. alrite then so a 10 is 1.75-2 grams an 1/8 is about 4-5 grams, a 1/4 is around 7 grams, half oz is 14.2 grams and an ounce is anything between 28 and 30 grams.
  10. A pound is 16 ounces.

    Weedeater is right, there is only one weight for an ounce. Any difference in oz weight is due to generosity or greediness.

    Digitals are good to get just make sure that they weigh in grams as well as ounces. Some don't weigh out in grams. Regular scales are good to go, too. Just weigh a nickel (a coin) on them from time to time to make sure they aren't off.

    **For the record, let's not talk about selling, OK?**

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