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Weight of this?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Drybananna, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    It's not mine. My friend picked it up, was just wondering about how much that looked.. I'd ask her, but she is currently unreachable atm.

    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. prolly like an O or somthing around there.... no one can tell you exactly though, get a scale
  3. Maaaaybe a half not really sure it would be more helpful if it wasnt on top of eachother and spread out with a lighter or somethin to compare to.
  4. i dont think its a oz...kinda hard to tell what is it in an altoid box?
  5. 3 grams..... this belongs in apprentice tokers man... buy a scale..
  6. Was thinkin' about putting it in that section, my bad.

    She sent me a pic of it, not gave it to me. I don't have the weed, she does. So scale wouldn't help, sadly. Was just hopin' for a guesstimate.

    Aight, thanks anyway for the estimates. Idk what that is she is holding.

  7. seriously? 3 grams.. u can see his hand as a comparision its alot more than 3 grams
  8. looks like its a pinched 1/2 oz
  9. looks like an oz. to me, but idk...
  10. looks like 8th or a quarter to me.

    how much did she spend? and how much was she looking for. That helps us determine the weight.

  11. That;'s not a real answer... hahah

    It's impossible to look at a picture and eyeball a weight, I understand eyeballing a weight when you can look/hold the bud, but not in a pic, sorry...

    if you want a real estimate I'd say anywhere from quarter - half oz, I doubt it can be an OZ, but I have had shitty china before where an OZ looks like a 1/2 z
  12. a bit more then a quarter...

    where did you guys learn to eyeball an oz from?
  13. My best guess would be about a half o
  14. Well have you ever seen it on scale looks like 12 grams to me is it dence or fluff
  15. Quarter tops.

  16. 14-28 grams
    probably around an ounce though (28 g's)
  17. You think if you are investing a decent amount of money into bud per pickup, you'd pay $20-$40 on a pocket scale.

  18. not even that much. i got mine on amazon for like 10 including shipping, and it's not a shitty china scale either. anywho, its pretty much impossible to tell from the pic. its too hard to tell how dense/fluffy it is.
  19. Yall are crazy if you think that's an O unless those nugs are solid as a rock.

    It's nearly impossible to tell from a pic, but I'd say 5g's max.
  20. looks like a quarter. doubtful its more than a half. my ounces never look that small.

    and for the record, didn't you say that was a girl's hand? which would make it look like theres more than there is

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