weight of a filled and watered #5 pot

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  1. has anyone weighed a #5 smart pot or #5 plastic pot filled with say FF or whatever SOIL medium used that has been bucket freshly watered? I need to know b/c I do not want to over weight a platform in a grow space.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Do you not have a scale? It's likely you can guestimate how much the pots weigh by themselves. Add the ounces of weight for the amount of dirt then lookup how much said amount of water weighs with Google.
  3. yes, not readily available set up to weigh. No prob, I can wait until I do.
  4. Water weighs a little over 8 pounds per gallon so that tells me that a soaked 5 gallon pail would be #40 pounds or less - and certainly less so if you go by that you're more than covered.

  5. Double post sorry

  6. Jerry, THANK YOU, but it is not that simple. First a #5 pot is NOT 5 Gal. Nor is a #3 three gal. etc...Second, a cup of water doesn't weigh the same as a cup of soil and a cup of watered soil is even more different in weight. I'll have a #5 smart pot filled with FFoF soon enough to weight. Thanks a gain for the reply though.
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  7. Yea that's why I was separating it out. Idk how much a #5 smart pot weighs but I wouldn't think it'd be much. I'd say that the net weight of the dirt by itself plus how much water one would use to water/feed it. Sorry I couldn't give you a number but I wouldn't want to jack-up your set. How big is the smart pot anyway? And by that I mean how much dirt via ounces would go in?

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