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Weight/Amount Question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BossOTheGhetto, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. My buddy (guy who I buy from every 2 weeks) gives me really good shit. I usually get quarters or halves from him. Usually a quarter fills about 2 fingers (width) of a zip-loc bag. Anyways, I got a half from him today. Shit was DENSE as a motha-f*cka. Really dense and felt quite "heavy". It only filled up the same amount as a quarter O would fill up, about 2 fingers width in a zip-loc bag.

    My question is, does density really affect the weight THAT much? I dont have a scale, but that bag sure feels like a half. And, with a quarter, I usually get maybe 10-15 medium sized nugs, this half I got today has about 5 big nugs, 1 of them being quote big, about 6-7 inches long and about 2 fingers wide. Maybe If i break them up (which I wont), theyll scatter more and theyll fill up more of the bag.
  2. I think that it could be a half, and just be really dense, it's possible. I'd go pick up a cheap scale if you're too worried about it.
  3. yea dude density is what its about....some bud is fluffy and weighs nutun n other shit is packed together or jus grown denser than others
  4. but from my experience the fluffy shit gets me high as a kite.
  5. "My question is, does density really affect the weight THAT much?"

  6. Density affects weight and so does the level of moisture in the bud,dry bud is always lighter.
    As for scales,the weights are
    1/8 = 3.5 grms
    1/4 = 7 grms and so on up to 1oz = 28 grms
    Hope this helps.
    I use Vector scales.
  7. jimmy for me has served me well over the years :D
  8. Well what do ya know, that shit weights 13.9 grams lol.... Good shit, just smoked a j............. peace.
  9. never just judge by eye, or feel, you could get a bag with lots for your oz or you could get a bag with a few big buds.........and sometimes it goes nothing by weight, but more to do with quality, simply lesser amounts of a more potent bud, but sold at the same price anyway........Peace out........Sid
  10. Yes you are right Sid. This is some of the most potent stuff Ive tried.

  11. as others said, density does matter alot..... never trust your naked eye to try and get a good weight on something.... Through expiriance you could get a close estimated guess, but your best bet would just to go out and buy a scale..... that way you'll never be stuck guessing again, plus theres less of a chance for you to get ripped off, if someone knows you have one...

  12. Make sure you get compensated 1gram for the weight of the bad. So your quarters should be 8. If its a ziplock bag then its 2 grams.

    Phuck the cup just put it in my hands
    -chris rock

    Ah never mind

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  14. When dense buds seem to weigh too much, it's usually because they do. What I mean is you may have been sold some 'water weight,' put simply, the bud may have been sold before it was finished drying properly so that the grower/seller could make more money off the same amount of bud. Not sure if this is the case for you, but it happens all over, all the time.
  15. Ya, I've heard of some ppl that will steam their weed a little to make it weigh more and make more money.
    Dirty trick it is!

  16. yeah but then u just dont buy from them anymore :), I usually inspect the weed before I buy it dont u guyths? unless ofcourse its a car drop off then u really dont have a chance to look at it

  17. i also inspect it when i get from dioffernt guys, i can usually trust my regular hook up.

    another thing, is if its a car drop off, then ask to hop into the car, and he drives the block while you check it out, then if all is well, then he just drops u where he picked u up

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