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Weighing an ounce on a digital scale

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by OuTLaW1986, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. I'm getting an ounce tomorrow and just wondering how you guys weigh an ounce on a small digital scale? It's my first time buying from this guy and I don't really know him, so I plan to weigh it out on my scale before buying to make sure I don't get ripped off. I use the Triton T2 from My Weigh, and it does have an expansion tray but I don't think an ounce would fit on it?

  2. You put some type of tray or something that will hold and ounce and then you can set your scale to 0.0 even with this thing on it, so now you put the weed in the tray you will get the weight of just the bud not tray and then you can put it back in the bag take the tray off and then reset your scale.
  3. If your scale is that small you could weigh individual sections say an 1/8, half, however big your scale weighs, or weigh a bag and then weigh the weed in the bag if it will sit ontop the scale.
  4. get a glass put in on the scale the 0 it then add your bud. easy
  5. Get a round flat surface where u can dump all your weed on. Put the surface on the scale and click the Tare button, then once your scale goes to 0.00, put the weed in the container and what ever it weigh's out to is your weed's weight.
  6. Solo cup on scale. Tare. Dump herb in cup.
  7. lets just hope you know how much an OZ weighs.

    what kind of bud your buying.
    How much for the bud.

    Also Yeah a cup on the scale turn it on. If it needs to. Press the Tare button. Then add the weed.It will weigh it. Im not sure if you know how to use a scale.
  8. I know an ounce is 28 grams. I'm getting Hindu Kush for 240. What kind of cup do you suggest I use? I only have glass cups that I drink out of but they're kinda big and I'm scared it would weigh too much and break my scale. My scale is 300g max capacity.
  9. Dude, get a jar or glass and just do it. It won't break your scale, and you'll be fine.
  10. dont worry about it breaking your scale, and if you are go run to the store and get some styraphone cups or somethin, or take a pop bottle, cut the top off and use that as a cup

  11. just to clarify some stuff.. OP was right a cup or jar made of glass will way to much and will not work..my advice from years of weighing larger bags then would usually fit on a small scale.. use a plastic party cup, a little cardboard type box "match box", or an aluminum top to a cookie jar or w.e..

    GL and 240 sounds kinda sketchy for an Oz of Hindu kush.. where are you from bro?
  12. 240 is sketchy for an ounce? really? I'm from Chicago. I remember like 7 years ago an ounce was around 400 (for the really good stuff) but then again I probably just had bullshit ass dealers
  13. I was going to do that but the cover is almost near impossible to get off. I guess using a cup would be the best way
  14. he means 240 is to low for hindu kush... an oz around here (northern indiana) cost about 400-480 depending how good it is

  15. yup :smoking: glad you understood :)

    I can easily get ounces for 240 but its going to be beasters not hindu kush which would run 400-425
  16. 240 does seem a little low for kush at least around here.
  17. This! What I do everytime. :cool:
  18. Man, I KNEW it was too good of a deal for an ounce. I guess I'm not getting that ounce after all :eek:
  19. Look at the ounce.

    It could be some dank buds. or just some beasters hes saying is kush..

    Iv never bought marijuana because of a name. Iv always bought on looks,smell,taste,high.

    but from where Im at. an OZ of dank is $400.

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