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  1. Ugh. 3 beautiful mainlined girls, 6 weeks into flower, thriving, turned to tragedy when I arrived back from travel. A friend was supposed to water, and did, but not fully. The normal 5 day interval between watering the 7 gallon smart pots was just too much time given the water they had. I opened up the tent to most bud-filled branches drooping all the way down to the floor. Leaves curled, shriveled, and lifeless. Desert-like soil, cracked and dry. My heart sank. 2 white widow, 1 russian doll. Frosty, but near death. So sad. I watered the fuck out of them immediately, staked up the snapped branches, and hopped onto a plane for a business trip. Fingers crossed for some revival... Some breath of life. Might just have to squish 'em. What a shitty thing to happen. I need someone to grieve with me.
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  2. [​IMG]

    lol Google 'grief meme' there's some good ones

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  3. Ps sorry to hear about that I hope theyvrevive

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  4. When's your friends funeral?
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  5. I chopped a thin mint X platinum cookies plant weeks ago due to hermie. It looked so amazing too. Think it was my fault though because I had a small light leak. Hard lesson learned.

    Hope your garden comes back to life. This plant is very resistant to harsh environments, so let's hope she comes back!

  6. It's not scheduled. Thanks for the well wishes from everyone. I return Thursday, so we'll see if they pull through.
  7. I just re-read this and realized you said "my friend's funeral", not the plants' funeral. LOL. Anyway, I just bought a Continental AWS 10 to prevent this from happening again.
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  8. I just had this with my girl that wasn't watered for 3 days and drooped hard scared me shitless. But a watering did her well and she's back to normal not even 24 hours later. You can see some still drooping but most are perked up. 10 days left till chop

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  9. I Never go away during flower. Too many issues can arise which coupled with some one who is not schooled in how to grow as a baby sitter, can be a deadly combination.

    I went away 2 weeks ago but waited until my return to flip to flower. I put just enough water in the res, litterally half a litre left when i got back home. Even with it being in a veg i was worried. A week is a long time and anything can go wrong in that time
  10. Well, they've survived. Whew. Two bounced back pretty well, but the schedule is off. One looks kinda shitty, with crispy brown leaves at the top, worsened from a prior lockout. Each branch had basically been snapped, so had to stake up just about all of 24 colas. Anyway, not all is lost. Drip system next time.

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