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Weekend Plans

Discussion in 'General' started by Grim Bongmaster, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. This weekend is going to rock!! I just got done ordering a gram of 20x salvia. I would have ordered it from here, but you don't have 20x. I'm having it overnighted to me. My friend matt, who I haven't seen in a good year is coming up to hang out over the weekend. Today I have to go get a 12 pack of grolsch, 12 pack of kelians irish red (Sp?), 12 pck Michelob amber bach, and 12 rolling rocks..all in bottles of course. He's bringing up a half of dank bud. This weekend is going to kick ass!! If only I had some shrooms. Oh well always next time I guess.

    I wonder if you can rent mcguyver episodes, cause I like nothing better than getting stoned and watching's just so damn funny!!

    what are you guys up to?
  2. either going to a remote bar on the top of a hill near me, which is quite fun as i can get drunk then go get high and ive got an amazing view....

    or if some hot girl who i havnt seen in ages rings me im going to a club...

    saturday night im working sunday night im working....
  3. I gotta mix my band's new cd this weekend... Ive been putting this off since summer, and theyre starting to get impatient. lol

    Also, Ive been purposely not smoking any weed for the last few days and I wont smoke any either until this weekend, so I can get nice and fucked for once.

    In terms of actual plans, I usually play it by ear... I always get last-minute calls to do something.
  4. Just gonna buy some good chronic and/or hash and smoke it with my friends.
  5. what is today... thrusday?? psh... I don't make plans for the weekend until at least 5pm Friday night lol

    Something will happen I'm sure, most likely involving some booze, weed, and maybe xbox, depending on how cold it is...
  6. Friday I'm planning on hanging out with my girlfriend. Saturday I'll chief a bowl or two and head out to the Halo tourney. Sunday I'll probably hang out with my girlfriend again and because I live in Wisconsin I'll probably be freezing my ass off as I do all of this.
  7. My friend and I are gonna buy a 100 sack and maybe sell some shrooms..
  8. And that would be my weekend as well.

  9. yes indeed you will, as will I... Wisconsin sucks now that we don't even get enough snow to go snowmobiling... cold without snow is like pizza without sauce, it fuckin sucks

    tonight was the first real night of any ice on the roads, and god damn did people here freak out... everyone was either driving like it was summer, and running into the ditch, or they were putting the car in gear, and then just coasting along... it sucks delievering pizzas when it takes an hour to make a 15 mile round trip (which happened a few times tonight)
  10. thats hot.

    i know that friday...i am getting home from class, my ex-gf is comin over to see my new apartment, then after she leaves my best friend is comin over for some nba live 05 and possible a blunt, then when my mom comes home im going to ikea to shop for rugs and towels and all that shit, then at night im going to hooters with some old hs friends, and after that im going to my friend marks house to play a game of nba live with him, we have 5 dollars on it, and i have been preparing all week. i know i know, i am too exciting. saturday should be back to my normal blunt-ride-go-home-pass-out routine.
  11. Friday im gonna pick up a friend then probably some dank. My friends got some shrooms and were gonna try to sell them. Saturday we will probably go to the forest preserve and smoke then just chill and play video games all day... sunday will probably be the same routine as saturday exept we might skip the forest preserve but maybe not. normal weekend lol. toke on :)
  12. man....I think you guys are telling me about your shrooms out of spite...bastards... I gotta start growing those little bastards...but I'm so lazy.
    I think I'm going to get my dog stoned this weekend too!!
  13. I'm going to be studying the whole weekend. Exciting, yes?
  14. Go for it Grim.. it's fuckin great.. cool as hell too! ...Tasty!!!
  15. going to the university of dayton tonite with a couple of friends. Im in the process of rolling 7-10 joints, and calling every girl i know that goes there.

    .......see you all there
  16. Tasty? I've heard that shrooms taste pretty shitty...?
  17. Ima' go to town and get stoned with my mate boffin and another VERY cool person called Misha. It will be very very fun .. were gunna sit in the Arb' which is like a big nature reserve / hangout place and were gunna listen to loads of cool trippy music and just chill :D

  18. dry they taste like shit, but if you like regular mushrooms, they taste fine wet... then again, most people eat them dry

    well this weekend i'll be getting very high... and playing xbox... and drinking booze... pretty much like I thought it would work out, but I'm going to make it a point to go to a chinese buffet sometime this weekend, I've been having a hankering for general toso's chicken all week
  19. Shrooms are very wierd tasting...It's just like a dry, kinda soak your spit up, stale tasting (lol best way i can describe it im to high now...:smoking: ...Just packed to fat bowls in my smoking trailer :smoke: .) But one time i got these shrooms, and an Eight was finley cut up and mixed with chocolatte to make like a candy bar, it was like a 1 1/2 inch x 2 1/2 inch x 1 inch thick, and you couldnt taste the shrooms at all. I ate like half a bar and got pretty fucked up, not to hallucinating, but still fun as fuck.

    Anyways my weekend - Well today im smoking with myself cause im suspended, tomorow im going to the market downtown to get a new pipe, and possibly going to an overnight party at my friends house where there is gonna be lots of weed and like 5 fiths and some beer ffor like 8 people. And then sunday smoking allday... thats it.
    P.S im reallly really high if you couldnt tell.
  20. well it looks like im going to be staying the weekend with my neighbor lady which is a 1st grade teacher, which i had sexual encounters with earlier today:D ...ahhh there is a godlooks like im gonna get to do some more of this:p

    haha ill be blazing all weekend...blaze on city folk!

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