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Weekend Plans

Discussion in 'General' started by Pufnstuf, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. anyone got any?
  2. Nothing here, I have most of next week off, starting Wednesday so I plan to do something then. For tonight just drinking a few beers and blazing bowls, might even order me a pizza pie.
  3. Clambake, like every weekend.:wave:
  4. that sounds tasty
  5. Camping. Hammocks. Rum. 10 g's. Friends. Fire.
  6. get drunk. do my laundry. i might go to this girls party tomorrow night. not much more than that.
  7. lucky you. i love to camp. :hello:
  8. Right now I am just letting my cracked ribs heal.
    Making the wife and I some taco pie and we'll probably just chill here tonight.
    Tomorrow I am DJing at my brother-in-laws frat party. Those college dudes can't pay for much food but they can sure gather money up to have me DJ their parties. haha
  9. Just smoked a blunt and a half, then I cooked up a steak and cheese and it's delicious :)

    I bought a new grinder today, it's pretty nice...already gorund up enough bud so I'd have some kief haha. Got a nice bowl loaded up for later on tonight. Might be getting my drink on too.

    Probably gonna get some beers tomorrow night, maybe smoke a j or two.

    Fun weekend, but then it's back to work :(
  10. monday always comes too fast!!!! :rolleyes:
  11. Well, I plan to blaze really, really hard since school is taking up too much blaze time. Gotta make up for it on the weekends, LOL.

    Tonight I'm probably gonna eat a fair amount of Molly and have me a good old time.
  12. take some pics man, i love your pictures
  13. For you, anything haha.

    Seriously though, I'll take pictures. I like taking the pictures, so i guess it's good you guys (and gals, of course) like looking at them!
  14. job hunting

    wish me luck
  15. nice.
    i heard of some one around here who has some pure mdma.
    might get in on that.
  16. Jump on that shit. I love me some Molly. In moderation, of course.
  17. my date if the girl ever answers her phone or comes online :mad:
  18. good luck bleezie, how ya find something ;)
  19. Well, fuck her (figuratively) if she doesn't! She doesn't deserve you if she's willing to stand you up! But maybe she's getting ready or something!
  20. i dunno what to do. im kinda upset about it. :(

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