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weekend pics

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brennano420, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. had some fun with the digi cam this weekend... among other things :)

    Thats about a half pound of some nice outdoors...

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  2. picked up a new bubbler

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    • bub.jpg
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      35.5 KB
  3. close up of the mushroom on the bottom of the bub

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  4. a few hand pipes I have

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  5. my collection :)

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  7. Nice sack you got there, is it all for you?
  8. Judging by the big ass wad of $$$ I'd say no...
  9. i got all those small pipes in mexico last february
  10. hehehe, the foot pipe rules!!

    and could you tell me where in mexico you got them? i'm going down there (i've been there many times but not since i started smoking) and i don't know any glass shops. where did you find them and how did you explain them at customs at the airport?
  11. brilliant collection

    nice weed too :)
  12. those are some pretty nice bongs!! and i like the stash! i gotta start growing... but i have to move first, prolly goin down south..

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