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  1. I just had an amazingly weed-centric weekend and had to share:
    First, a little background: I started a new job on NYC last Tuesday, and aside from taking a train in from where I live for an interview, haven't spent much time in the city for the past year. I left my previous job in the city to spend a year traveling and working on personal projects, and considering how well my first week on the new job went, I decided to stay in the city overnight to catch up with some local friends.
    After the workday ended on Friday, I hopped on the subway and met up with a good friend at his place. As soon as I walked in the door to his apartment, I was greeted with a hug and a cone by a mutual friend I haven't seen in months. He takes a step back, says “It's been too long man, good to see you – and congrats on the new gig. A gift!” and hands me a little bag. Once I get my coat off and get settled, we go through 3 cones of Holy Grail Kush with blond hash snakes in each. I hadn't smoked in about 2 weeks, so this hit me really fucking hard.
    About 20 minutes after we finished the cones, the buzzer for my friend's apartment rings and I answer it. The voice on the other end simply said, “Sup. It's, me. I got the gummy bears.” Recognizing the voice as a mutual friend, I buzzed him in. I assumed that having the “gummy bears” meant that he was holding, but he really had gummy bears. An absolute shit ton of them, along with a grocery bag filled with other kinds of snacks. I looked in the bag, and it was like being showered with light and hearing angels singing in the background. Oh, and he had some good weed too.
    I was like coming back home after being away for a very long time.
    Friends I haven't seen kept showing up over the next few hours, and nearly everyone that showed up had a “gift” for me to take home. I unpacked my commuter bag a little while ago to see what I ended up with and took a photo:
    Top-left =            No idea, but it smells very clean with a slight chem odor in the background. It tastes very fruity when smoked from a bong, but didn't burn well when rolled. I expected a bit of a chem taste, almost like it wasn't completely flushed prior to harvest, but there wasn't any at all.
    Center =              Grand Daddy Diesel.
    Top-right =          Pineapple Blue Dream.
    Bottom-left=     A friend's homegrown from brick weed seeds that I helped guide him through growing a few months ago. It was WAY better than what the seeds came from and had a green, sweet taste similar to eating raw sugar cane.
    Bottom-right =  Pineapple Blue Dream, more homegrown from the same friend. It was just as good as the other PBD we had that night, but the space and temp regulation constraints in his grow setup clearly caused his buds to be much fluffier. We bought 2 Z's of PBD really cheap a couple of years ago and ended up with nearly 200 seeds, so we've been messing with them ever since.
    In the end, it was a nice goody bag for me to take home – but wait, it gets better…
    Around 10pm, the 6 of us decided to grab some Thai food from a local spot, and then head to a bar or two. We headed back to the apartment around Midnight (it was just way too cold out,) and there were 11 of us by the time we returned.
    A few more folks showed up not too long after, and by 1am my friend's coffee table looked like a fucking all you can smoke weed buffet. Between what was already there, the Sour Diesel and some schwag that found its way back to the apartment with us, bongs, pipes, papers, vaporizers, and a mountain of snacks, my friend's coffee table was a thing of beauty.
    The place started clearing out by 2 or so, leaving just the original 6 of us at my friend's place. That was perfect, because I wanted to spend some time showing them plans for a bong I'm intending on having produced for a small clothing/goods brand I work on in my free time. Without going in to too many details (although it'll be nice to post something once manufacturing actually begins,) I've managed to find a good overseas partner who can produce some really nice 18'' straight base, stemless, 5mm borosilicate bongs with a ring percolator, bell percolator and ice notches (with my company's branding in 2 places on the bong) that will be packaged with an 18mm red/black/white/clear glass bowl, magnetized band (similar to the Bowl Band but with more points of contact for metallic items,) cleaning kit and a nice length of hemp wick wrapped around the base of the bong. The overseas partner will handle the bong production, while I deal with sourcing/manufacturing everything else in-house.
    I had my friends still at the apartment review my financials for the project, and everyone came to the conclusion that I'll easily be able to make the package available on my company's site for well under $200 and still make a nice profit. I've been performing a lot of research, talking with manufacturers, and working on numbers over and over again since October, so getting a unanimous thumbs-up on the idea and financial numbers behind it was a huge win. We had a quick celebratory toast and then everyone headed home and I hit my friend's couch like a ton of bricks.
    Not a bad night, eh? There's still a little more to go…
    My friend's apartment buzzer went off again, waking me up around 6am. It was one of our friends that stopped by the night before with another gift:
    It turns out that he had bought a new duct fan and filter a few weeks ago, so he dropped off his old gear for me to take home. The filter was used during the flowering of a crop back in November, but is still in great shape. I sat around until my friend who owns the apartment finally woke up, we ran out for breakfast and then it was time to head home. I was a bit nervous about riding the subway and then the commuter train back home, considering everything I had on me, so I called a car service that I had a spare voucher for.
    The car service arrived and a quickly got in to the car with my bag, the fan, and the air filter, placing everything on the floor of the car to keep it out of plain sight. Within 5 minutes of starting on the ride to my home, the driver says, “You stink, bro.” I give him a fake apology and said that I crashed at a friend's place and that he's a big smoker, assuming that would end the conversation quickly. Of course, the driver had a classic response, saying “Come on. Don't fuck with me man. You don't smell like you were around some smoke, you smell like you were rolling around a fucking field of weed like one of those fat little puppies they show on Animal Planet. Don't bullshit me, man. Listen, I got a little bit of this Skywalker OG shit left – you wanna roll one?”
    I was in absolute disbelief at what the driver just said. I've always found getting rides from car services, particularly ones that cater to corporate clients, to be awkward, so I try and engage the driver in some sort of conversation (otherwise it's like 90min of absolute silence,) but this was unreal. He handed me a small box that had his stash, some papers and a rolling machine. I rolled a J with some of what he had and a bit of the Grand Daddy Diesel from the night before, cracked the car window open and had the best ride home ever. The driver and I traded a couple of nugs before I got out of the car, and then I walked in to my home, crashed on my bed, and here we are – Sunday afternoon on GC with a cup of tea and bagel.
    [SIZE=11pt]All of this, and word is still getting out that I'm back in the area. I can't fucking wait for next Friday.[/SIZE]

  2. Cool story bro
  3. Sounds like you had a good time. Im jelly
  4. That sounds like a fucking awesome time man, good for you. Shame you didn't get a picture of the coffee table at the time, would have been cool to see.
  5. That's fucking awesome.
  6. What kind of bagel?Sent from my SGH-I337M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. @[member="Shlomo"] - Thanks man, it was a nice return to the city. The whole thing with the driver was a bit surreal and more or less what caused me to even post this. The timing on the fan/filter is great and I feel a new grow journal coming soon.
    @[member="furittus"] - Garlic w/ butter. Ess-a-Bagel all day, every day.
  8. @[member="100781"] It does sound awesome, NYC is a second home for me, I definitely am going to move there as soon as I can, so your post also made me miss the city a load. Also the bagel thing added to that. It sounds like it was an amazing bagel, and I'm currently sitting in bed at 1:30 and I want a bagel now  <_<  I used to eat loads of bagels, haven't in a while, and now I'm craving one.
  9. Omg what an awesome time.....remind me of when my cousin (a hip hop producer) took us to the strip club and paid for our dances, then took us to his loft and dabbed us out, had a volcano vape, hash, and blueberry kush...and to top it off..Call of Duty on a 72 inch! :bongin:

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