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Discussion in 'General' started by Shogun2002, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. So the weekend is here again, what did everyone do in terms of drink and drugs? I drank lots of vodka, smoked lots of hash and had 2 mdma tabs...awww.

    So how many of you americans have their 2ci, 2ce whatever..i wish i could.
  2. I"m going to be having some fun with a 1/8th of shrooms, some mimosa rootbark (dmt), some woodrose seeds (lsa), some salvia, some absinth/wormwood, henbane, and some sinicuichi :p
  3. Trying to get shrooms. Blah, to no avail so far...

    Smoking herb non-stop, of course. Who knows what the weekend'll bring.
  4. gonna smoke and watch a movie with a good friend of mine.

    probably drink too.
  5. Yesterday I just got mad high. Went to my buddies house and we packed up a few steamrollers of white rock opium. Chilled on that for a bit, then smoked a few one hitters of weed with a little op mixed in.

    My main dealer was gone and it seemed everyone else was out, so we drove to a friend of mine a little ways away and met him at a headshop. Picked up six grams and my friend got a new bowl.

    Drove home, smoked up a few pipes with opium. Dropped my friends off, went to community service. After that I picked up a pizza, came home, ate.

    Then I bounced, smoked a bowl with mad opium on the top. Went to a different friends house, watched the Doors for a bit while waiting for another friend to show up. Then when he got there we rolled up a few grams into a blunt and baked my friends SUV.

    Left, came home, crashed.
  6. Last night I really really high with my friends, and we took turns beating ninja gaiden on very hard.

    It was very hard.
  7. ever beat the old NES Ninja Gaidens? damn i miss my NES i jsut sold it last year on ebay and i had over 100 games...
  8. When you beat the xbox version it unlocks all 3 NES ninja gaiden games.

    I'm working on those right now.

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