weekend in Austin

Discussion in 'General' started by OldDaffy, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. I need some time off and Austin is close.
    Places to stay, things to do, stuff to see?
    what would you do with 3 days in Austin?:smoke:
  2. Well considering I live in Austin, here's the need to see shit:
    6TH STREET, hit some bars up, go to some concerts, its the live music capitol of the world after all! I love this city, you're guaranteeed to see some crazy shit any day of the week.
    If you want some pizza or something, the mellow mushroom is a great place to eat. just on the drag, and its just a nice little hole in the wall to chill at. If you dig skating, there's some shops you should check out such as tekgnar, No comply, and apparition. Hmm... Check out waterloo records and antone's, if you wanna see the music collection austin has to offer... Lets see... I think that's about it, if there's anything specific you wanna do I can tell you places, based on what you wanna chill on. Happy tokin:smoke:

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