week two flowering.. losing leaves :(

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by rainbowskunk, May 27, 2010.

  1. comin to the end of week two in flower and the leaves on the bottom seem to be turning pale green and some have fallen off.. is this normal or should i be worried.. cameras jiggin on me ill post pics as soon as i can
  2. seems a little early in flowering for the leaves to be changing color and dropping.

    what are you feeding your girls?
  3. Yeah, it's a bit early for that kind of yellowing (normal = week 6+)...I've experienced it before due to Ph issues and lack of nutes...

    Have they been healthy/green up until this point?

    If so, then you should probably feed them a bit more...Based on what you've said, I would assume they are leeching nutes from their leaves if the soil is all dried up.

    However, it could be a Ph issue if your soil/water Ph is a bit off. Check the runoff Ph first, then maybe increase the next dose of nutes depending on test results. Make sure to correct the water/nute solution to ~6.5 ;)

    Look forward to pics. Hope this helped :)

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