Week old plant goes flying.

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  1. Ok I apologize if this is my first post and it sounds like a cry for help but I'm panicked. So long story short my roommate tries to get up on the roof at night to have sex with his GF and trying to get to the roof he kicks my 2 pots with one Chronic Thunder and one Tangerine Dream. They go out flying he screams, I get there I scream. I see that the Chronic Thunder is missing half its root length since I had just transplanted it the night before. I try to be as gentle as possible but I'm scared. It's been 24 hours already and here's some pictures of what it looks like also when I put it back I saw that its about 1 or 2 inches lower than what it used to be. You can see the cotyledon suffered damage from the airtime. But should I do anything else? Can I do anything else to ensure it doesn't die?

    Here are the pics of the Chronic Thunder. After trying to save it.

  2. can't see pics bro

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  3. Sorry about that let me try this!

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  4. I am worried but now I can't stop laughing STIGGY!!!! XD
  5. don't over water it , let it do what it wants to do
    These weed plants are very resilient
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  6. Thanks! They're about 10 days old I haven't watered them at all it's been 81 all week nights drop to 73 and 4 out of the past 10 days have been raining a lot. I think I'm lucky then all I have done is just put the seeds in the soil and that's it.... Then this whole incident that sent me in a panic lol! Thanks Stiggy!

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