Week left of flower and she's small

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  1. IMG_2875.JPG Hey everyone,
    As mentioned in my other threads, complete newbie here and this is first Grow for me. I had 3 Afghan Kush regs and a fem white widow. The widow was my favourite from the start so not wanting to screw up it's growth I didn't do any topping or anything. I did my practice on the Afghans. They towered over the white widow and were fuller. Nonetheless the topping for me worked out well on them but unfortunately they all turned male.

    The white widow was always small and today marks her 44th day in flower. Says this strain flowers for 56 days, so wondering what I should do to try and get more flower outta her. I've tried takin pics with a drinking straw beside the bud. Anything advice what I should do for its last week and a half? Do I let her flower longer?

    This was just an experimental Grow for me. But the next Grow I know I'll do better lol.

    Room temp is 72, 78 during the day. Humidity up and down from 50-65%. 400 watts full spectrum led. Using fox farm nutes and their schedule.
    Thanks everyone

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  2. How far away is the light? And what type of ventilation are u using. If it's a sealed room or if there isn't enough air exchange in the room it could slow bud development. Plants need an abundance of CO2. It could be other things though. I ain't an expert yet :/ gimme like 3 more lifetimes

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  3. she looks like she has all sorts of problems from the look of the leaves.

    Dont take to much note of the finishing times the breeders use. There normally a best case scenario. Like 1000w, sealed room, CO2, DWC type set ups. Not unusual for them to go an extra 2 weeks, especially in a soil grow.
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  4. Yeah looks like you've got at least 3 weeks left to me.

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  5. Should of LST it

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  6. cause that would make it finish faster.....? lol
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  7. That won't be ready in a week. It's ready when it's ready and not before
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  8. It didn't veg enough, the main stalk is to thin it looks like it could've used more wind. It just looks like it needs a lot of everything.

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  9. You should add molasses to your feeding it will help her swell ,you can grab it at any grocery store,it s in baking section.It will help with size but it does look like she had some problems,what nutes did u use,I had a plant similar to that and my issue was the light was to far from her,Id try to throw it in veg again and top it.If you just wanna finish her I d wait atleast a few weeks and definitely add molasses .Hope this helps and good luck.
  10. Ok thanks guys, I wasn't sure if I could let her flower longer or not. But she's very underdeveloped, due to my inexperience.
    The light is about 14" away, and the ventilation isn't too bad. Could be better but it's by no means sealed off.
    I didn't top this one because I wanted to practice on the Afghans. I wish I would have done this one too because they all worked great and the afghans grew nice and big with lots of potential...had they not been males.

    I'll keep it flowering for longer then and get what I can out of it.
    Thanks again guys
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    This is terrible advice.
    The OP doesnt have many fan leaves and the last thing you want to do to a struggling flowering plant is to stress it and remove its food bank and buffer.

    Its also not why people sometimes lollipop plants....Lolly popping plants has not been proven to increase yields. In fact many people say the opposite. What lolly popping does is give you less larf and popcorn buds, less chance of mold, pets and diseases and room to work if under a scrog net. The benefits are also very strain dependent. Good discussion going on about it here atm- Is lollipopping really worth it? Does it increase yield
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  12. I guess i miss understood the reason for this i apologize.
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  13. I have been using the foxfarm nutes with their schedule and making small changes to keep the PPM in the correct range. But I've only been using their trio with Ph adjusters to distilled water, nothing else.

    But I didn't start nutes until 2.5-3 weeks into veg...rookie mistake.

    I just got more seeds from a different supplier ok Friday so after a couple weeks more of flowering I'm going to try the next seeds out in DWC. I guess right now I'm more or less experimenting with different methods to see what works best for me.
    Thanks guys
  14. If your in soil then that was not a mistake.
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  15. Hey everyone s learning, even the best growers learn new shit every day,The thing you were talking about would be taking off lower branches ,which I do ,It does send energy to the buds that grow towards the top of the plant ,I m just assuming that s what you meant..There s different times to use this method and times were you actually lose alot of weight if you don t know what your doing,.I find that my taller plants do better with this method and I grow huge nugs ,on my smaller more compact Indica s I just let them do what they do,I ll prune alittle so the air circulations good and helps preventing mold in the later months when it rains..
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  16. So it's been another week and the buds have tripled in size (roughly) according to the seed supplier it should be done but by looking at her, can you keep her in flower for a bit longer? Left side of pic is today and right side was last week. 7C131B51-EA5F-4E2D-9AB7-FFB4DD2DFAF7.jpg
    Also has anyone else noticed when they switch from CFL's in veg to full spectrum led in flower that their plants turn much darker and the leafs more rigid/tougher?
  17. Not done yet. Look at pics of buds that are done. All your pistils are still white. You got more time, and they will swell even more.

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