Week 9 of flower

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  1. Hey everyone. I'm going on week 9 of flower on an unknown Indica strain. All the leaves have yellow and falling off but I still think I have maybe two weeks left according to how the trichomes look. My question is will the trichomes still mature even if all the fan leaves are gone on the plant? This isn't my first girl but this is the first time all the leaves have yellowed up before the plant was ready so I'm in unfamiliar territory here. Anyone can help that would be great thank you. If you need some pictures I could upload a few. It's been a near-perfect grow.
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  2. Pics always help, the buds will still mature even if the fan leaves are gone. I think your good

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  3. Okay here's a few pictures. They were taken a two days ago but I can take a couple more when the lights come on in a few hours. I've been keeping it a close eye on the trichomes and they're 90% cloudy and have very very little Amber still so I wasn't really sure. I think I have maybe three leaves on one of the plants and those are almost all yellow but this is the first time I've been down this road so I appreciate the reply. That third picture with the LED lights was from July 22nd. The other two were just a couple days ago when I was checking my trichomes.

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