Week 8 leaves looking rough

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Jmck1111, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. DD5EFCFE-F653-4F9E-833E-35577DB334BD.png The fan leaves are starting to look burnt up. Is this necessarily bad at this age?
  2. Looks like its on most of the tips.....classic nute burn.....were ya heavy handed with the nutes trying(thinking that you would) to pack on weight?
  3. I don’t think I was but I think I wasn’t giving enough runoff allowing too many nutes to stay in the soil
  4. you're only a few weeks from harvest. i say thats looking great. same nutes. dont cut back because you've only got 2 weeks to give them. then flush heavy. just my opinion. great job so far! let's see the whole plant.
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  5. You might even be looking at 11 week's, all your pistil's are still white and none are receding yet. Any pictures of your Trich's?
  6. 5EB66D1E-ED60-4E8B-B830-F0E61C89AF9C.jpeg
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  7. I don’t have a good way to magnify at the moment but as of now about 20 percent of the pistils have turned orange so she’s finally starting to mature more
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  8. Thanks. Learned a lot so next time will be better hopefully

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