Week 8 Flower, Flush? *Pics*

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  1. This is my current grow of two Purple Urkel that I have posted a few times on.

    I have been growing these girls for just under 4 months, almost 8 weeks in flower now. I have been feeding them every other day 1 gallon of water each with 2 tsp per gallon of Fox Farm Tiger Bloom, and 1 tbl per gallon of FF Big Bloom.

    Do you guys think it is time to begin flushing with pure water? I plan to harvest in early-mid October even though it is an Indica dominant strain it seems to have a high flowering time.

    Here are some pics for you to enjoy:







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    Lookin' phenomenal, dude. They really take in a full gallon every other day? They almost look too small for that, but I wouldn't really be surprised I guess. Those buds are fat as hell.

    I'd say go ahead and flush if you're planning on an early October harvest. How do the trichs look? They look ripe 'n ready now...I know I'd be too damn anxious to let 'em wait :smoking:

    Just gives some clean water every watering, maybe stretch 'em out to every 3 days if they can handle it. Since you're in the ground it is hard to "flush" I would guess, but yeah, just clean water til' you harvest. Now's a good time, I think, especially if you've only got about two weeks left.

    Again, how are the trichs lookin'? If you see any amber, then flush away now, for sure. Guess you could wait a bit if you don't see any amber trichs though.

  3. Thanks for the info dragon, much appreciated. As for your questions, I am not sure about the trichomes. I need to go out an buy a 30x magnifying glass. Where should i look at the triches, on the top or middle of the buds?

    And as for the watering, I didn't want to go into detail on my first post but I switch between every other day and every 3 days depending on the heat, but I live in Northern California and the days have been getting quite hot, the soil is completely dried up after a day or two of heat/sunlight. I think I will now go up every 3 days.

    They are each about two feet, because this is my first grow I don't know a lot about yield, although I have read this site in and out about harvesting/curing so I donit f*** it up.
    I know people say asking for a *yield* is impossible with all the variables (which i agree with) but from these pictures and knowing they only have around 2 or so weeks left you have any guess? I was thinking 2-4 oz total (1-2 from each plant)
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    At this point you can make an "educated" guess about the yield, but keep in mind that the final two-three weeks can REALLY pack on some weight.

    Two plants? I would guess at least 2oz total, from those photos. Depends on how dense the nugs are. If it were MY grow, I would be expecting 3-5oz total, but then again I would have front row seats, ya know :p , and probably some high hopes. But it's best not to get hopes up...

    Go get yourself a microscope ASAP, 'cause they could be ready to chop now based on trichomes...get that Radioshack deal, the $12 scope...it works wonders. Or a jeweler's loupe, I hear they work very well, and are a bit cheaper.

    Look at the trichs all over, top middle AND bottom of the plant. Different sections of the plant can mature at different rates...some people actually harvest in two or even three different sittings, but it all depends on the plant and environment. Being outside, I don't know how secluded you are, so it might be best to take it all down in one chop, which most likely won't hurt the yield/quality too much at this point.

    If you were referring to the sections of the buds themselves by 'top or bottom', then just look around the top/middle...whichever is easiest to access. It helps if you can snip off a calyx or two, or the smaller sugar leaves, from different sections and check those out over a white surface...the trichs can just "light up" in front of a white background making it easier to determine color.

  5. 3-5 oz's?!?! Wow, that would be great, and so you think these buds will really densin up and bolk up over these last two weeks? Because they are semi-dense now but not up to standards for me.

    I will pick on of those up from the local radio shack then, but before i do that could i possibly use a microscope that varies from x25 to x250 if i had access to one? Or do the magnifying glasses work better?

    I plan on removing 1 calyx from the top, middle, and bottom of my plants and see how they vary. For my circumstances I will be cutting them all down at the same time, so some buds may be more mature than others, oh well...
  6. i vote for a long flush
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    Hey, hey...I said don't get youre hopes up! Hah, 5 is definitely a stretch, I'd say...3 is reasonable, but still...don't hang on it ;)

    that scope you mentioned is fine...250x might be intense, so try the 25x setting first and work your way up.

    They should bulk up quite a bit. They usually do. I've noticed a couple grams worth of growth in that time from my crops, but it always varies from plant to plant. Granted, I've snipped a bud or two before harvest in order to make such an comment, so a lot of factors play into the idea of bulking up in the last weeks. But it is definitely Visibly noticeable, so I would guess at least a gram from each large bud, in the last weeks.

  8. Well thanks for your input, what do you consider as long flush. 2 weeks good enough?

    Eh, we all got to dream a little bit, sometimes it comes true ;)
    Cool now I don't have to blow $12 :)
    And you say they should bulk up quite a bit but a couple grams? Thats like the difference between 84 grams and 86 grams? Or are you talking about a couple of grams more per main bud?
  9. Depends on the size of the plant and the bud. A very rough, un-educated estimate on your colas, from those pics, I would guess 1-2 g's per cola. SO it adds up.

    A long flush would be two weeks, yeah, just clean water every watering.
  10. 2 week should be good hope they fill in a little more:wave:

  11. Oh I see what your saying, so if a rough estimate is 1-2gs per cola, they could hopefully get to 3-4gs per cola? Thad be awesome!
    Alright, I gave them there last dosage of nutrients earlier today so that will be the last they get.

    On another note, do you think it would be alright if I used this method for drying my buds out: (I have read the harvest and process section all through like I said before so please don't tell me just to look there)
    -If there is no rain for a week after my harvest I was planning on hanging a cardboard box with the lips cut off upside down and and put a screen on the open end of the box along with two holes on either side of the box with screen covering this as well for air circulation. All the buds would be hanging on strings inside not touching anything and I would do this until the stems *snap* when I bend them.

    Thanks mikey, do you think i have a good chance of them filling in?
  12. no cause those look full to me:eek:i'll post a curing method i used
  13. What, your contradicting yourself mikey. First you say they not filled in now u say they are....?

    And thanks for the harvesting/dry method. I have my own method but I may have to give that one a try
  14. The box drying method you mentioned should be fine. You plan on doing it outside? Good call on the screens, then, to keep out bugs and what not...they'll have to be a fine mesh, though, just to be really cautious.

    It would be a bit suspicious to see a box upside down, outside, though...is your area pretty private, or what?

    I'd only be afraid that they would dry out Too quickly due to the possible dry heat in NorCal...don't live there, though, so I really don't know what its like
  15. No question, the last few weeks will make you cream your shorts with the weight they will put on.


  16. Well I realized I can either use the box method, or I have a 1 person tent that is mesh see through on the top, it also comes with a rain fly. My area is really secluded, so I don't have to worry about anything suspicious looking.

    I was afraid of the dry heat also, which is why my third option is putting it in a big shed I have that only has 1 window on the end. If i hung them on strings and put an oscillating fan inside would that be sufficient?

    I think you just made me cream my shorts reading that... ::D: I really hope you're right.
    *You do realize they are only 2ft each, right?*

    Also, one of my branches is beginning to kind of sag a little bit as to reach more sun, I will take a picture when I go up tomorrow or tuesday but I was wondering if you think I should tie the branch with a piece of string onto a stronger stem?

  17. As long as you have sufficient ventilation, little humidity (less than 40%ish), and not too much light, most drying methods are sufficient. Do whatever works best for you, man...
    Personally, I would clear out some space in that shed just because it is a bit More secluded. You'd need the fan to pull air through the shed, like in from the door and pushing air out the window on the other side, to reduce the risk of humidity and stale air.

    A branch is sagging...down toward the ground, ya mean? I can't imagine how it would 'sag' to reach the sun, unless you mean it is trying to move around other colas. If it sags towards the ground then it could be one of two things...
    1)the cola is getting heavier, too heavy for the stem to support (that's good.)
    OR 2) the plant is surpassing maturity and beginning to die back a little bit.
    Post pics ASAP and point out which stem you're referring to.
    Either way, it might be best to support it some how before you chop just to make sure it doesn't drop too far down.

    Gotten a good look at the trichs yet? They will tell you whether or not it is time to harvest.

  18. Yeah i'll figure something out for the drying

    I'll post a picture of the branch tomorrow or tuesday.

    And nope not yet, Im going up tomorrow and picking off a few calyx's
  19. can't remember where i read it but the guy said the an osculating fan was real important in drying.But i forgot was exactly it did.
    Those buds look good to me .Be grateful for your grow .Those are nice:smoking:

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