Week 7 of flower

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  1. Organic grow 5X5 under a spydr plus 3 sequoia strawberry phenos "Sin city seeds" 1 Candyland pheno "Ken estes Genetics" plants yellowing quickly its gona be a stretch til week 8 and 9..anyone still add a tiny bit of molasses late weeks of just flush..they have been on R/O water 1 week already..

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  2. The plants need nutes but it looks too late now. Once the leaves turn that yellow and stems are that purple its too late.
  3. Was feeding them dragonfly earth medicine Tea Fat flowers with molasses,amino acids,sea green,and mammoth micro..week 6 i switched to R/O and bam yellowed fast tent reeks of berries and candy..flushing for a 2 week but feel like they are doing it for me
  4. it looks hungry,

    did i read that correctly.?
    its at wk 7 now and you started flushing at wk 6.?

    how much and what is it planted in.?

    look at these pictures loosely, they are an artist's depiction of the symptoms,
    read the descriptions to diagnose with.!!
    the symptoms are numbered from first to show and most visible to last to show and less dominant.

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  5. do you have anything that is fast acting.?
    i am guessing that hydro nutes is not an option.! LOL

    do you have any Alaska 'Naturals' fertilizers.?

    organic grows do not need flushed, they operate on low nutrient content and high microbial activity.
    if you feel the need to flush, do it the last couple of water'ings in the last week.!
  6. Why do people say organics don't need flushing my ppm runoff is 1500?theres nutes in there i was in the high 900s up until week 4..
  7. uhmmm, WOW.

    that does NOT sound like organics.!!

    my veggie garden gets compost once a year, alfalfa/soybean meal twice, and wheat straw mulch,
    i would bet that it ain't got 1500 ppm runoff.

    from the ground up, what are you using.???
  8. have you ever used an EC meter to test run off.?
    a ppm meter might be reading the 3-4 million microbes in the water,???
  9. 1tbs molasses 1tbs of amino 2 scoops of dragonfly earth medicine "Fat flowers" 2ml sea green 2ml mammoths micros 1ml true bloom per gallon 980ppm..feed,Ro,Feed,Ro every 2 days week 3-5.. Started at 650ppm week 1week 2 750ppm week 3 850..started flushing week 6 been flushing one week already
  10. Blackstrap and braggs amino airated tea 14hrs brewed to be more precise
  11. sorry Eagle, i do not know how to help,
    that is the most complicated feeding schedule i have ever heard of for an 'organic' soil.

    why are you watering/feeding every 2 days.? how do you judge it's watering needs.?
  12. Was just asking if ppl still use a bit of molasses in late weeks even tho ur flushing i was feeding at XXXppms then i feed straight RO water 37ppm you dont need to blast ur plants with 2000ppm every feed they need straight water also..i have not one brown tip from nute burn like every1 does in flower..

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